Steel Parts Maker Cuts Reject Rate, Shipping Costs with Daubrite® Emitters

Imagine a wafer-thin, golf ball-size piece of steel making a month-long trip from Kentucky to Mexico via truck and
railcar. The steel parts endure temperature swings, high humidity and unwanted moisture during the trip. Much of it
arrives rusted.

As a result, the manufacturer saw unacceptably high reject rates on shipments of its motor laminations. They sought
help from Dave Neuer of NEUTECH Packaging Systems to solve its expensive corrosion problem.

Neuer first learned that they were trying to prevent corrosion by using moisture-absorbing desiccants. Packagers used
eight desiccants per bin of parts.

"They were just tossing them into the returnable bins, so my first question was, 'how do you know the desiccants don't
already have moisture in them?'" Neuer says. "If so, it would be just like tossing a wet sponge onto a steel part. It was
a valid question, because they also reused desiccants at times, drying them out to save money."

After reviewing the packaging and shipping process with the quality control team, it was decided to run a joint test
program. The customer would compare its current desiccant program with a new style of Daubrite® VCI emitters from
anti-corrosion packaging specialist Daubert Cromwell of Alsip, IL.

Daubert Cromwell emitters are small, round, flat disks saturated with a proprietary corrosion inhibitor formulation.
They are designed for use inside package environments and enclosures-wherever rust could attack and damage metals.
Each one emits a protective vapor that forms an invisible layer on metal surfaces to prevent moisture, salt, dirt and
oxygen from depositing on the metal and causing corrosion. Each disk protects 5 cubic feet of enclosed space. The
protection is dry, clean, safe, and economical.

Neuer and Daubert Cromwell engineers worked together to determine that each shipping bin only needed 2 emitters -
not 8 desiccants - to prevent corrosion. They tested the theory on a series of Kentucky-to-Mexico runs using
desiccants, Daubrite VCI emitters, and nothing at all. The results were clear.

"The bins containing just 2 Daubert Cromwell emitters had the best results," says Neuer. "Best of all, we determined
that shipping steel laminations with the Daubrite VCI emitters would save the company $.80 per load, or $120 per day.
That works out to $30,000 a year compared to the old way they shipped. And that doesn't include the savings from
fewer laminations that have to be thrown away."

Now the company uses Daubrite emitters in about 150 pallets each day. The new cost-saving corrosion solution is
being phased in elsewhere within the company as well.

Neuer takes pride in his company's innovative approach to coming up with better and more cost-effective solutions to
packaging and shipping problems for his customers. He also cites the receptive staff at Daubert Cromwell as key to
successfully changing the way his customer ships steel parts.

"We are always looking at new applications and changing the rules in order to find a better way to get things done.
We're happy to be associated with a company who shares that philosophy."

For more information please contact:
Marketing Department
Daubert Cromwell
12701 S. Ridgeway Avenue
Alsip, IL 60803
Telephone: 800-535-3535
Fax: 708-293-7765

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