Steel Hole and Gasket Ring Formers come in multiple styles.

Press Release Summary:

Hole former is used in precast applications for manholes and boxes, while gasket ring formers, custom-designed for end-user's application, hold gaskets while casting manholes or boxes at precast plant. Both types can be made from heavy-duty steel or aluminum and are tapered to facilitate removal. Variants include round/flat wall gasket ring formers; flat wall hole former without gasket; and round wall hole former without gasket centered or without gasket offset.

Original Press Release:

Haala Industries Now Manufacturing Steel Hole Formers & Gasket Ring Formers

Haala Industries, a leading innovator and manufacturer of metal fabricated products, now offers steel or aluminum hole formers and gasket ring formers. A hole former is used in the precast applications for manholes and boxes. The gasket ring formers are custom designed for a customer's gasket. Gasket ring formers are designed to hold gaskets while casting manholes or boxes at a precast plant. Both the hole formers and gasket ring formers are designed for longevity, ease of installation and handling. Made from heavy duty steel or aluminum, they are a durable product to be used by precast companies.

The different types of Gasket Ring Formers & Hole Formers manufactured by Haala Industries include:
  • Gasket Ring Former-Round Wall
  • Gasket Ring Former-Flat Wall
  • Hole former-Flat Wall Without Gasket
  • Hole former -Round Wall Without Gasket Centered
  • Hole former-Round Wall Without Gasket Offset

    All hole formers are tapered from the hole in concrete dimension to ½" larger towards the inside of form for ease of removal.

    With an in-house design team, Haala Industries can efficiently draw and manufacture your Hole formers or Gasket Ring Formers.

    Haala Industries, located in Sleepy Eye, MN is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete reinforcement and manufactured accessories for the precast industry. In business for over 36 years, Haala Industries has a strong relationship with their customers and ships from coast to coast.

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