Steel Edge Clamp features uniforce design.

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Consisting of a steel wedge in an aluminum channel and a screw, Mitee-Bite Uniforce clamp wedge-style edge clamp has ability to hold 2 workpieces while exerting equal pressure on each piece. By tightening screw, wedge is lowered in channel, expanding channel to exert holding force on side of 2 workpieces. Clamp can hold flat or round workpieces, and holds most shapes either vertically or horizontally. Compact design allows increased load density.

Original Press Release:

Mitee-Bite Uniforce Clamps

The Mitee-Bite Uniforce Clamp, a wedge style edge clamp, holds two workpieces with equal pressure on each piece. The wedge principal generates an extremely high force relative to the size of the wedge. The Uniforce Clamp consists of a steel wedge in an aluminum channel and a screw. As the screw is tightened, the wedge is lowered in the channel, expanding the channel to exert holding force on the side of two workpieces. Load density is typically increased when using the Uniforce Clamp because of its compact design. The workpiece can be flat or round, as the uniqueness of the clamp lends itself to holding most shapes on either a vertical or horizontal position.

The Uniforce Clamp is available in seven different sizes.

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