Steel Coil Manipulator has 12,000 lb capacity.

Press Release Summary:

Titan 2327 enables safe, efficient transfer of palletized steel coils to coil cart. Load deck rotates 90° to invert coil as well as facilitate extraction from manipulator and placement onto mandrel of coil feed system. Via pushbutton controls, operator turns on manipulator to pivot deck and bring coil to upright position. During process, palletized coil slides on flat deck until settling in tapered cradle lining. Coil cart then drives under tapered cradle and extracts coil.

Original Press Release:

Titan 2327

Green Valley proudly introduces its latest design, the Titan 2327, a 12,000 # Steel Coil Manipulator.

This coil manipulator allows the user to transfer palletized steel coils to a coil cart in a safe and timely manner. The load deck rotates 90 degrees to invert the coil. Once inverted a coil cart is positioned under the cradled coil for extraction of the coil from the Manipulator and placement onto the mandrel of a coil feed system.

A steel coil is delivered to the Manipulator via a fork truck with the coil still bound to the wooden pallet while the flat deck is parallel to the floor. The operator turns on the Manipulator uses pushbutton controls to pivot the deck to bring the coil to the upright position. During the process, the palletized coil slides on the flat deck until settling in the tapered cradle lining. A coil cart then drives under the tapered cradle, extracts the coil from the Manipulator and drives away towards the uncoiler. The operator then rotates the pivoting frame back to the "HOME" position and is ready for the next steel coil.

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