Steam Flow Analysis is performed at user's facilities.

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On-site steam-flow analysis is provided to help customers determine usage by providing reports for contracted period of time. Fixed-installation and portable clamp-on flowmeters are used, including ultrasonic gas flowmeters and high-temperature transducers. Steam surveys are suitable for superheated steam with quality greater than 0.9, for pipe sizes from 4-12 in., for pressures as low as 110 psig, and for temperatures up to 446°F.

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GE Announces Steam Flow Survey Service

Waltham, MA - April 6, 2004 - GE Panametrics, a unit of GE Infrastructure Sensing and a leading provider of flowmeters, hygrometers and oxygen analyzers, today introduced a new service that provides customers on-site steam flow analysis to help them determine usage without the overhead cost of equipment and personnel.

GE Infrastructure Sensing service personnel perform the work at customers' facilities using a variety of new clamp-on ultrasonic gas flowmeter platforms and new high-temperature transducers. Customers receive survey work and reports on their steam flow use for a contracted period of time. Depending on the type and length of the survey, both fixed-installation and portable clamp-on flowmeters are used, including the recently-introduced Transport (TM) PT878GC, the only portable clamp-on ultrasonic gas flowmeter available today.

"Clamp-on steam flow measurement is one of our leading-edge technologies," said Kevin Voss, services leader at GE Infrastructure Sensing. "It involves special training to safely
install and commission steam flowmeters. We're offering this steam flow survey service to our customers so they can get flow data on their steam pipes in an economical and safe

Steam surveys are designed for superheated steam with quality greater than 0.9, for pipe Sizes ranging from four to 12 inches, for pressures as low as 110 psig, and for temperatures as high as 446°F. Service contracts require an evaluation of the customer application against required guidelines and accessibility requirements for clamp-on flowmeter use and installation. Aside from the service contract, the only customer expense is for high-temperature clamp-on dampening jackets. These jackets acoustically reduce noise at installation points allowing the ultrasonic flowmeters to perform in a robust, error-free manner.

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