Steam Cleaner includes chemical injection for extra cleaning.

Press Release Summary:

Model GVC-2200V Vapor-Steam Cleaner heats tap water in its boiler to 330°F, producing dry vapor-steam with adjustable pressure of 0-90 psi and output temperature of 290°F. Vapor-steam kills bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew and other micro organisms. Adjustable pressure allows operator to release sufficient vapor-steam to thoroughly clean any surface. Unit includes stainless steel construction, auto-shutoff, built-in vacuum, and multiple cleaning tools.

Original Press Release:

Goodway Technologies Corporation Introduces New Vapor-Steam Cleaner

STAMFORD, CT -- Goodway Technologies Corporation is proud to introduce the GVC-2200V Vapor-Steam Cleaner. This unique unit heats tap water in its boiler to 330°F (166°C), producing a dry vapor-steam with an adjustable pressure of 0-90 PSI (0-6.2 BAR) and an output temperature of 290°F (143°C). When vapor-steam touches a cold surface it expands, explosively loosening dirt, grease and grime. Its high heat instantly kills bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew and other micro organisms without the use of harsh chemicals. The adjustable pressure allows the operator to release sufficient vapor-steam to thoroughly clean any surface without reduced visibility. The unit comes with a chemical-injection system for additional cleaning power and features a built-in vacuum to recover loosened debris and liquids. Specially designed cleaning tools and accessories allow the cleaning of not only flat surfaces, but also of cracks and crevices where dirt and micro organism contamination would be difficult or even impossible to remove by any other method. Features - Benefits: o Stainless steel construction - long life o Auto-shutoff - no cool down needed to add water o Stainless steel boiler - no depressurization needed after use o Adjustable vapor-steam pressure - matches application o Chemical-injection - additional cleaning power o Built-in vacuum - removal of loosened debris o Multiple cleaning tools - ideal for flat surfaces, cracks and crevices Specifications: o Input Power: 20 amps, 115 V, 60 Hz AC o Vacuum Motor Power: 3 HP (2.2 kW) o Boiler: Maximum 2,200 W o Output Steam Pressure: Adjustable, 0-90 PSI (0-6.2 BAR) o Output Steam Temperature: 290°F (143°C) o Dimensions: 38" (970mm) high x 16" (410mm) wide x 24" (610mm) deep o Weight: 81 lbs (37 kg) net dry

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