Steam Boilers produce dry steam.

Press Release Summary:

EX gas/oil series high-pressure steam boilers produce dry, 99+% saturated, steam through 3-stage process. Process includes initial separation in vertical water tubes, second separation in upper header and baffle plate, and final separation in cyclone separator. Design minimizes carryover, while low water content water-tubes accelerate steam production (5 min from cold start).

Original Press Release:

Dry Steam

MIURA's EX, gas/oil series of high pressure steam boilers, produces dry (99+% saturated) steam through a 3-stage process:
1) Initial separation in vertical water tubes.
2) Second separation in the upper header and baffle plate.
3) Final separation in the cyclone separator.
The design minimizes carryover.
Miura EX Boiler's 'low water content' water-tubes speed steam production -just 5 minutes from a cold start.

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