Static Dissipative Gloves also protect against high heat.

Press Release Summary:

Measuring 14 in. long from end of fingertip to base of cuff, Static Dissipative Hot Gloves with extended cuffs are made of dissipative polyester with Nomex® lining. Construction protects wearer's hands and wrists up to 200°F, and resistance from fingertip surface to groundable point (Rgp) is <1x107 Ω. By electrically bonding through grounded operator to negate static charge generation, gloves prevent ESD events and can be used with touchscreen monitors as well as other touch devices.

Original Press Release:

Desco Introduces Static Dissipative Hot Gloves

Canton, MA – Desco has introduced new Static Dissipative Hot Gloves with extended cuffs. The extended cuffs make the gloves 14” long from the tip of the fingertip to the base of the cuff. Gloves are made of dissipative polyester with Nomex® lining to protect operator’s hands and wrists up to 200oF.

The resistance from the fingertip surface to groundable point (Rgp) is <1x107 ohms. The gloves prevent ESD events by electrically bonding through the grounded operator so that no static charges are generated.

The gloves may be used with touchscreen monitors and other touch devices.

Hot Gloves are made in the United States of America.

17007 Small Hot Glove with Tan Cuff Edge

17008 Small Hot Glove with Blue Cuff Edge

17009 Small Hot Glove with Brown Cuff Edge

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About Desco: Desco manufactures ESD control products used in the electronics production industry.

Desco has six manufacturing locations in the USA. Products made by Desco include wrist straps, foot grounders, work surface mats, shielding bags, floor finish, floor mats, ionization, smocks, continuous monitors and ESD audit equipment. Desco’s products are available through distributors, resellers, and direct. A network of manufacturer representatives offers sales and technical support in most US states, Mexico, and Canada.

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