Static Control Device offers real-time charge monitoring.

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Leveraging Virtual AC(TM) modular and plug-and-play design, ION POWER(TM) system enables absolute static control management on all web converting applications. Intelligent system neutralizes over range of 30 in. and at web/material speeds exceeding 3,000 fpm. In addition to 8001iP static neutralizing bars, MPU-controlled 8100 POWER MODULE and 8200 MANAGER Master Controller are included. To aid integration with machinery via industrial networks, 8300 COMMUNICATOR modules are also included.

Original Press Release:

New ION POWER(TM) Neutralizers Take Static Control to the Next Level

More Ways to Communicate, More Ways to Control.

The next generation Virtual AC(TM) Intelligent Static Neutralizers brings real power with integrated communications, plug-n-play versatility, and real-time charge monitoring.

(Windsor Locks, Conn.) ION POWER(TM), the next generation of highly innovative Virtual AC(TM) static neutralizers from MKS ION Industrial, brings a new level of control and systems integration to the most sophisticated production processes. The ION POWER system is ideal for absolute static control management on all web converting applications and leverages Virtual AC's existing compact, modular plug-and-play design. The new system effectively neutralizes over a range of 30 inches and at web/material speeds of over 3,000 fpm. Key components of the ION POWER system, the 8100 POWER MODULE and the 8200 MANAGER Master Controller, are microprocessor-controlled providing excellent flexibility for control and monitoring.

A single 8200 MANAGER can be used to monitor and control up to nine static neutralizing stations while displaying the performance and diagnostic parameters for each individual system. Using a two-wire RS-485 bus to communicate with all 8100 POWER MODULES on the network, the 8200 MANAGER displays ion output and neutralizing current values for each station, as well as "Clean Bar" and "Fault" alarms. Now, control over a multi-station system is quickly simplified with the ability to turn on or off individual neutralizers, scan and view individual system performance, and set clean bar alarm values for each station - all from the convenience of the intelligent interface of the 8200 MANAGER. ION POWER systems also have the advantage of the new 8001iP static neutralizing bars. All Virtual AC neutralizing bars feature tungsten electrodes for maximum ion output and shockless design. The new 8001iP bars also feature convenient mounting brackets on either the back or the ends of the bar. As always, Virtual AC bars feature quick-connect high-voltage connections.

Other ION POWER components include the new 8300 COMMUNICATOR modules for integrating the ION POWER Neutralizers with machinery via industrial networks to bring the best control functions, system diagnostics, and real time static control data to the operator's fingertips.

MKS ION Industrial: 888-310-3334

MKS ION Products has more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of ionization products for the control of static charge in manufacturing processes. Having previously and primarily served high tech manufacturing, Ion formed Ion Industrial to service the paper and film converting and packaging industries in 1997. For additional information on Ion Industrial, please contact Lisa Condon, Marketing Communications Manager, at 978-645-5548 or visit MKS ION's web site at

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MKS Instruments is a leading worldwide provider of process control solutions for advanced manufacturing processes such as semiconductor device manufacturing and thin-film manufacturing for flat panel displays, optical storage media, architectural glass and electro-optical products. We also provide technology for medical imaging equipment. Our instruments, components and subsystems incorporate sophisticated technologies to power, measure, control and monitor increasingly complex gas-related semiconductor manufacturing processes, thereby enhancing customers' uptime, yield and throughput, and improving productivity and return on invested capital.

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