State of the Art Container Security System to Help Protect Marine Cargo at Port of Portland

U.S. Senator Wyden and Representative Blumenauer Applaud Installation of Container Security System

Portland, Ore. - February 19, 2007 - GE Security, Inc. (NYSE: GE) today announced the installation of the CommerceGuard(TM) System at the Port of Portland to further secure a vital link in the world's global supply chain.

The CommerceGuard installation at the Port of Portland is the first comprehensive installation of the system on the U.S. West Coast. It advances the Port's ongoing initiative to offer enhanced security options to its customers. CommerceGuard is the first global supply chain system that deters and detects theft, smuggling and international terrorism by integrating container security devices (CSDs) within a global information network. The CommerceGuard network of secure corridors is enhanced with the Portland installation particularly creating secure trade lanes with several ports in Asia that have recently adopted the CommerceGuard System.

"I'm pleased to see additional safeguards for cargo security at the Port. Ensuring the security of our ports is vital, both for public safety and for our region's economic well-being," U.S. Senator Ron Wyden said. "Requiring a state of the art container security device, rather than a simple padlock to secure expedited shipping containers, means we get safer ports and the added benefit of helping businesses move their cargo more quickly. That's the classic definition of a win-win situation."

CommerceGuard is a commercially available system that meets the new requirements for container security devices specified in the Port Security Improvement Act of 2006. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden's amendment to the act ensured much more rigorous security for containers by specifying that a container security device must positively identify a container, detect and record the unauthorized intrusion of a container, and secure the container against tampering throughout the supply chain. Before Senator Wyden's amendment, a common padlock would have met the existing criteria. The act is further designed to offer quicker customs inspections for companies that take extra security precautions.

"West Coast maritime trade volume is on the rise, so I am proud that the Port of Portland is a part of a new comprehensive approach to cargo security," said Congressman Earl Blumenauer. "With over ten million containers entering U.S. ports every year, this innovative approach is the kind of long term investment that will make businesses and Americans safer."

"The Port of Portland is pleased to participate in a private sector initiative that will complement the extensive governmental efforts to secure marine cargo," said Bill Wyatt, Executive Director of the Port of Portland. "In addition to making its facilities as secure as possible, the Port is committed to helping its customers implement their own cargo security measures."

"This installation of the CommerceGuard System will improve cargo container security and enable port customers to enjoy commercial advantages ranging from security to asset visibility," said Randy Koch, president & CEO, CommerceGuard AB & GM, cargo security, GE Security. "Both importers and exporters can now use CommerceGuard to secure their shipments."

More than a dozen key international ports have adopted the CommerceGuard container security device and reader system. It has also undergone successful international trials with shippers including Yang Ming Lines and is in use by top importers.

The CommerceGuard system features the first market-ready container security device (CSD) that has been tested and proven to be secure and reliable. The CommerceGuard CSD is positioned inside an international cargo container and registers any opening of the container door. Any unauthorized door opening is recorded as a tamper event, and alerts are routed to appropriate officials. Fixed and handheld readers at critical points along the supply chain, such as overseas and U.S. ports, collect container status from the device and report it using the CommerceGuard Information Network. This information provides cargo owners greater security while tracking the location and status of shipments as their containers move through the supply chain. Tracking data is available at no additional charge as part of the CommerceGuard Service. Cargo owners, authorized logistics providers, and appropriate government authorities can securely access the information from any Internet browser.

CommerceGuard products are available through a global business collaboration consisting of GE Security, Mitsubishi Corporation (TSE:8058), Samsung Corporation (SEO:000830), and Siemens building Technologies (NYSE:SI). GE Security holds the sales and distribution rights for the CommerceGuard system in North America and certain other regions.

About Port of Portland

Established in1891 by the Oregon legislature, the Port of Portland today owns four marine terminals, four airports (Portland International, Hillsboro, Troutdale and Mulino) and seven business parks. The mission of the Port of Portland is to enhance the region's economy and quality of life by providing efficient cargo and air passenger access to national and global markets.

About CommerceGuard Container Security System

The CommerceGuard security system, supported by a global business collaboration between GE Security, Mitsubishi Corporation, Samsung Corporation, and Siemens Building Technology features the first market-ready container security device (CSD) that magnetically adheres to the inside of an international cargo container and registers any opening of the container door. Fixed and handheld readers record its status in a database that can be accessed by authorized importers, shippers and government officials anywhere in the world.

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GE Security, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), is a leading supplier of security and life safety technologies, with operations in more than 35 countries and $2 billion in annual sales. GE Security offers one of the industry's broadest product portfolios, covering explosives and narcotics detection, intrusion and access control, video surveillance, key management, and fire detection. GE Security's products are used to protect people and property across a wide range of industries, including aviation, law enforcement, banking, education, healthcare, mass transit, and retail.

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