Star SU Announces Line of Horizontal Hobbing and Gear Shaping Machines from Samputensili CLC

Hoffman Estates, IL., May 2, 2019 —  Star SU LLC is pleased to announce it has expanded its comprehensive gear manufacturing product offering to include a line of horizontal hobbing and gear shaping machines available in the North American market.

Star SU technology partner, Samputensili, has recently signed an agreement between its Machine Tools Group and CLC, a reputable Italian producer of hobbing and shaping machines.  The newly created company, Samputensili CLC S.r.l. can now offer new machines from its manufacturing plant located near Bologna, Italy.

The agreement helps complete Star SU’s line of gear hobbing machines for shafts and long workpieces, as well as the addition of gear shaping, strengthening its position as a globally recognized leader of gear manufacturing solutions.

About Star SU, LLC

Star SU is the go-to-market cooperative partnership of Star Cutter Company of Farmington Hills, MI, and SU America, Inc., the US sales and manufacturing unit to SAMP, S.p.A. The companies together represent one of the world’s largest gear machine, tool and gear tool manufacturing producers.

Star SU, LLC offers a wide variety of machine tools, precision cutting tools and services including:

  • gear hobbing machines
  • chamfering and deburring machines
  • gear grinding machines
  • gear shaving machines
  • gear shaping machines
  • tool and cutter grinding machines
  • gear hobs and milling cutters
  • chamfer hobs
  • gear shaper cutters and shaving tools
  • scudding® and power skiving tools
  • chamfer and deburring tools
  • gundrills
  • rifle buttons and push/pull reamers
  • form tools and reamers
  • pcd tooling
  • cryogenic cutting tools
  • carbide blanks and preforms
  • tool coatings
  • and tool life cycle management services


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