Standard Quantity Orders Now Available from Disc-Lock in Addition to Bulk Quantities

Lower cost cam-locking washers and nuts can help distributors generate larger margins when competing brands are replaced by DISC-LOCK

Culver City, Calif.  – DISC-LOCK International today announced that standard quantity orders are now available in maintenance and low production quantities. The market for cam-locking washers and nuts has increased considerably and DISC-LOCK pricing offers distributors significant profit margin increases over competing fastener products.

"Our analysis of the current fastener marketplace has indicated that there is an increased demand for standard quantity fastener orders along with our bulk quantity orders," said Alistair McKinlay, Chairman of DISC-LOCK International. "The standard quantity market for our DISC-LOCK fastener technology will deliver substantial new sales to our company," added McKinlay.

"Several of our products will be available in standard quantity orders including the DISC-LOCK Washers in glued pairs and stainless steel, the DISC-LOCK Locking Nut, the DISC-LOCK Heavy Hex Nut and the DISC-LOCK Safety Wheel Nut," said Greg White, Vice President of DISC-LOCK International. "The addition of standard quantity orders, will develop other channels interested in purchasing DISC-LOCK products and it will be unnecessary for distributors to purchase and stock excess inventory," added White.

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About DISC-LOCK International

DISC-LOCK International, headquartered in Culver City, Calif., manufactures a complete range of safety fastening solutions for transportation, industry and the military including trucks, trailers, buses and wind turbines and towers. DISC-LOCK products include; Safety Wheel Nut, Vibration Proof Locking Nut, Truck Frame Fastening System, Rail Car Fastening System, Armor Fastening System, Shear Wrench, Tension Control Bolt, Hex Head Bolt and Locking Washers. Established in 1980, DISC-LOCK International distributes to all 50 states in the U.S. and 31 countries worldwide.

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DISC-LOCK™ International

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