Standard Printed Circuits Is Growing

Standard Printed Circuits, Inc. has just completed a recent expansion of their facility and has begun installation of new equipment. SPC is performing a complete upgrade of its Imaging and Wet Process areas. Included in the upgrade is the addition of a new Chemcut CC8000 developer. Along with its matching etcher (procured a couple years ago), the CC8000 represents the flagship of Chemcut's lineup of precision processing equipment.

The new equipment will allow SPC to process sub 2 mil lines and spacings, along with very consistent control of line widths for RF and controlled impedance requirements.

In addition to the Chemcut equipment, SPC has purchased two Colight 1630 exposure units along with glass registration frames from CA Picard. Also from Picard, is the acquisition of a Pinlam PF automated film punch. These additions will allow SPC to achieve very precise front to back registration which is so critical to the RF/Microwave industry.

Standard Printed Circuits utilizes several advanced systems to process our products including: Plasma etching, Sodium Etch of PTFE surfaces, Conductive Polymer line for PTH processing, Vacuum lamination, Flying Probe Electrical Tester, In addition, we can provide a wide variety of final finishes including: SMOBC, HASL, as well as our RoHS compliant 'lead free' finishes: ENIG, Immersion Silver, Electroless Tin, Lead Free HASL, and Bare Copper with OSP. We also can supply boards with the ENEPIG finish for superior wire bonding.

At Standard Printed Circuits, we have highly experienced engineers standing by to provide customer support and Design Rule Check to ensure that your products flow through the manufacturing process smoothly and efficiently. Standard Printed Circuits, Inc. is an ISO9001/AS9100 certified manufacturer. SPC manufactures RF/ Microwave and high speed digital PCBs for both military and commercial markets.

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