Standard-Knapp to Showcase Tritium(TM) Multipacker and Versatron Case Packer with Soft Catch Technology at Pack Expo 2010

Visit Standard-Knapp at booth # 4106

Portland, CT - Standard-Knapp, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of innovative packaging machinery, will showcase its Tritium(TM) Multipacker and the Versatron case packer with Soft Catch technology at booth #4106 at PACK EXPO 2010, October 31 - November 3, 2010, at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois.

The Tritium(TM) Multipacker is capable of handling applications in the food, beverage and personal care industries. With single, double and three lane configurations, the Tritium(TM) Multipacker swiftly arranges products into compact pack patterns and wraps the configurations in film, thereby eliminating the need for trays and pads. The Multipacker then sends the packs through an energy-efficient heat tunnel to tightly shrink the film around each multi-pack producing a consistent, wrinkle-free bull's eye and bottom seal.

In response to the increasing industry pressure toward sustainability, the Tritium(TM) Multipacker boasts a lower carbon footprint than competing multipackers. Thanks to its energy efficient heat tunnel, and a reduced amount of overall packaging material used, customers can now experience a greener, more cost-efficient packaging process.

Standard-Knapp's modularly constructed, stainless steel multipacker is flexible and adaptable, and comes equipped with easy-access "gull wing" guard doors. These transparent, safety-interlock guard doors provide a clear view of all moving belts and chains, enabling "walk-by-maintenance" by maintenance personnel. The Tritium(TM) Multipacker features both an innovative Robo-Wand(TM) wrapping section and precise servo-driven film cutting system. These features allow for wide product range capabilities, as well as increased speed and reliability. To facilitate machine maintenance, many steel chains have been replaced with timing belts which require no lubrication and create a quieter machine.

In response to customers' requests for a more easily accessible film feed, Standard-Knapp has designed the Tritium(TM) series to include a pull-out film feed module. Operators can perform quick and easy maintenance and inspection by sliding the film feed out on its rollers.

Printed or registered film is used to wrap each multi-pack, which provides a larger area for product information and allows retailers to stock their shelves faster and with less waste. A company's marketing message can now be printed on the translucent film to promote the cost-saving multi-pack purchase.

The Tritium(TM) Multipacker comes equipped with Standard-Knapp's innovative Operator Interface, as well as the Zero-Gap II Infeed. The Operator Interface utilizes color touch-screen technology to offer a new level of intuitive machine control. Through computer-aided fault recovery, it reduces Mean Time to Recover (MTR) and increases efficiency for a broad range of challenging 24/7 applications. Zero-Gap II Infeed employs electronic sensors to monitor and control product movement, maintaining a constant low line pressure and maximizing machine uptime.

The Versatron case packer with Soft Catch technology is designed for high-speed packing of fragile containers with proven reliability. The Versatron is ideal for challenging packaging applications with reduced and/or lightweight materials in a variety of industries including spirits and wine, food, household chemical, personal care, and automotive. With gentler handling, less material can be used to make the whole bottle. To that end, Standard-Knapp offers a feature called "Soft Catch," which allows users to reduce the shock energy by 80 percent over a conventional drop packer. Taking 80 percent of the shock energy away enables the use of thinner gauge bottles as well as thinner glass.

About Standard-Knapp

Standard-Knapp designs, builds and supports the ultimate in packaging machinery for the most demanding customers. Providing reliable, flexible and easy-to-use packaging equipment, Standard-Knapp serves industries including beverage, food, personal care, household chemicals and automotive. A pioneer in the field of automatic packaging equipment, Standard-Knapp leads the industry with the latest innovations in tray packers, tray loading machines, case packers, shrink wrappers, and bottle packers. With over 100 years of experience, Standard-Knapp is the ULTIMATE in case and shrink packaging. For more information on Standard-Knapp's products, visit, call 860-342-1100 or email

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