Standard 3-Phase AC Motors offer max efficiency of 73%. .

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Available in cable or terminal box type, KIIS Series provides 60 W, 1/12 hp or 100 W, 1/8 hp output power. Units can maintain wide speed range of 3–120 H (90~3,600 rpm) when used with inverter. Standard GVH parallel shaft gear head offers up to 350 lb-in. of permissible torque, while Hypoid right angle hollow shaft gear head, available exclusively on 100 W model, and is capable of handling up to 610 lb-in. of permissible torque.

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Oriental Motor Introduces New KIIS Series Three-Phase Standard AC Motors


Our Most Compact, Highest Performing and Most Efficient Three-Phase AC Motor

Oriental Motor USA is proud to introduce our new three-phase standard AC motor, the KIIS Series Standard AC Motor, available in 60 W (1/12 HP) and 100 W (1/8 HP) output power. The KIIS Series features a complete newly designed, high efficiency three-phase AC motor for a maximum efficiency of 73%. This new high performance design offers greater speed stability even with large loads. The increased efficiency results in the omission of a cooling fan and shortened motor. When used with an inverter (VFD), the KIIS Series AC motor is able to maintain a wider speed range from 3 HZ up to 120 Hz (90~3,600 r/min). The KIIS Series also features our new terminal box which is slimmer than our conventional product and the cable outlet can be rotated in 90° increments, simplifying terminal block wiring and configuration.

Gear head options includes the new Hypoid right angle hollow shaft or solid shaft type. The GVH high torque parallel shaft, designed for high torque and long life applications is standard on all KII and KIIS Series AC motors. The new Hypoid gear head is available exclusively on the 100 W (1/8 HP) model and is capable of handling up to 610 lb-in of permissible torque. The parallel shaft GVH type offers twice the torque of our conventional parallel shaft with up to 350 lb-in of permissible torque.

The new KIIS Series AC motor is available in 60 W (1/12 HP) or 100 W (1/8 HP) output, in cable or terminal box type. The new GVH parallel shaft is now standard on all 25 W (1/30 HP) up to 90 W (1/8 HP) single-phase KII Series and 60 W (1/12 HP) and 100 W (1/8 HP) three-phase KIIS Series motors.

The KIIS Series’ Key Features are:

• Newly designed, highly efficient three-phase motor.

• New Hypoid gear head exclusive to 100 W (1/8 HP) model can handle up to 610 lb-in of permissible torque.

• GVH parallel shaft type offers up to 350 lb-in of permissible torque, standard on all KII and KIIS models.

• Shortened motor length due to omission of cooling fan from improved and highly efficient design.

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