Stand-Alone Solder Pots/Pumps suit low-volume applications.

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Solder Pot and Solder Pump technologies enable use of controlled, and configurable batch soldering techniques. Each solder pot includes variable-speed solder pumping system, standard or custom nozzles, inert atmosphere control features, and variable-temperature control. Advanced solder delivery systems, aimed at custom and stand-alone applications, suit end-users seeking multi-featured solder pot.

Original Press Release:

ACE Production Technologies Announces Availability of New Stand-Alone Solder Pots and Pumps

Spokane Valley, Washington, USA - For many low-volume soldering applications, a simple solder pot isn't enough, while an automated or conveyorized system is too much. A.C.E. Production Technologies Inc. has announced the availability of its advanced solder delivery systems for custom and stand-alone applications. ACE.'s Solder Pot and Solder Pump technology makes more sophisticated, controlled, and configurable batch soldering techniques available to the user. This advanced solder pump technology is now available for customers who seek a stand-alone, multi-featured solder pot for a wide variety of applications including solder fountains for manual rework and manual lead tinning. OEM users have requested ACE solder pots, pumps and controllers for integration in custom manufacturing operations and soldering automation projects. "We continue to receive requests for our unique solder pots and simplified controllers from customers that are configuring their own soldering solutions. ACE feels that this is another way to be responsive to the wide variety of customer needs "says Al Cable, President of ACE. Each solder pot includes a variable speed solder pumping system, standard or custom nozzles, inert atmosphere control features - essential for high quality lead-free soldering, and variable temperature control. Examples include a "Dynamic Wave" with Nitrogen for wave soldering, and a "Flat Surface" wave with dross wiper and Nitrogen for lead tinning. About ACE Production Technologies ACE is a designer and builder of simple, affordable selective soldering systems suitable for lead-free electronics assembly. ACE's line of rugged, reliable selective soldering systems includes the KISS 101, KISS-102, KISS-103, and the KISS-104 models. All of these flexible systems feature lead-free compatible solder pots and are ideal for low to medium volume assembly, prototyping, and rework, post-reflow offline assembly, and other soldering applications such as odd-form devices. For more information about A.C.E., including sales and technical, contact ACE Production Technologies, INC., 3010 N. Industrial Park, 1st Street, Spokane Valley, WA 99216; Tel. 509-924-4898, e-mail;

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