Stainless Steel Vacuum Belts for Solar Cell Production

High Performance Vacuum Belts Improve Efficiency and Throughput

Agawam, MA - Belt Technologies offers a line of high performance stainless steel vacuum belts for use in the production of solar cells. Belt Technologies vacuum belts offer significant advantages over other conveying systems including high strength-to-weight ratio, durability, and precise positioning control. They run without lubrication of any kind, minimize variations in surface speed, and don't stretch - all resulting in increased efficiency and throughput.

Designed to withstand a range of demanding production environments, Belt Technologies metal vacuum belts provide a hard, smooth, flat surface that's ideal for processing, printing, and inspection. These continuous-length stainless steel belts minimize debris buildup and eliminate the frequent shutdowns associated with cleaning other types of systems. As a result of their ability to contain customizable perforation patterns, these belts provide a level of precision and accuracy not attainable with traditional systems.

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Belt Technologies designs and manufactures belt conveyors for wide ranging applications in the automation, electronics, packaging, food processing, medical device, tobacco, and aerospace markets.

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