Stainless Steel Tube Insulation protects workers from heat.

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Made from ZOTEK® F closed cell foam based on Kynar® PVDF, T-Tubes® are chemically resistant up to pH12, require no jacketing, and withstand temperatures from -55 to +311°F. Insulation exceeds ASTM E84 requirements with flame spread index of 5 and smoke developed index of 5. Clamshell design and overlapping adhesive tape closure afford one-step installation, protecting personnel working around hot processing lines. Material is suited for clean processing environments.

Original Press Release:

UFP Technologies, Inc. Makes Clean Environment Stainless Steel Tube Insulation Breakthrough


Georgetown, MA July 3, 2007 - UFP Technologies, Inc., a leading innovator in foam products, launches T-Tubes®, its stainless steel tube insulation for clean processing environments. Molded to fit industry standard tubes and fittings, T-Tubes are thinner, easier to install, chemically resistant up to pH12, require no jacketing, withstand temperatures of -55°F TO 311°F and achieve better than industry performance for ASTM E84 with a flame spread index of 5 and a smoke developed index of 5. They provide critical protection for personnel working around hot processing lines in the biotechnology, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food and beverage industries.

Revolutionary Material Optimizes Clean Room Performance
T-Tubes are made from ZOTEK® F, an innovative family of closed cell foams from Zotefoams, plc. based on Kynar® PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride). T-Tubes will not wick or absorb moisture and are entirely washable. They are also crush resistant which can be an issue with PVC-jacketed insulation that creates particulates when cut or impacted. Their smoke, flame and toxicity properties as well as their chemical and UV resistance are excellent. T-Tubes are impervious to a wide range of chemicals up to pH12.

Dramatically Lower Lifecycle Costs
With their durable, chemically resistant skin and overlapping adhesive tape closure, T-Tubes combine safety and installation simplicity in a space-saving, clamshell design. With a wall thickness of only one quarter of an inch, T-Tubes replace one- to two-inch fibrous or open cell insulation materials and do not require additional jacketing. T-Tubes are easily installed in one-step and their fine cell structure doesn't create dust when cut. This enables installers to modify and install T-Tubes on-site in clean environments without bags, tents or hoods. Additionally, technicians can open and reseal T-Tubes in clean environments for inspection - unlike traditional insulation, which cannot be reused.

Life Cycle Cost Reductions
o Initial Labor - T-Tubes install in one step, reducing installation labor time by 50 percent - featuring self-adhering tape application without a PVC jacket
o Resilient Foam Material - T-Tubes do not crack or cave with impact or when stepped on - as a "tough-skin" foam product, they rebound and recover to their original dimensions
o Routine Inspections - T-Tubes enable fast sub-insulation inspection - technicians can remove and easily reuse sections with a new strip of tape without interruption to production
o Maintenance & Repair - T-Tubes do not require contract installation - in-house maintenance personnel can easily apply T-Tubes

For more information on T-Tubes, contact Sue Midura, (800) 372-3172, visit, or email

About UFP Technologies, Inc.
UFP Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ - UFPT) is an innovative designer and custom converter of foams, plastics, and natural fiber products. The company produces a vast array of custom-engineered packaging solutions and component products in ten manufacturing facilities across North America. Its customers include leading companies in six core markets: Automotive, Computers & Electronics, Medical, Aerospace & Defense, Consumer, and Industrial.

For more information on UFP Technologies' products and capabilities, contact Sue Midura, UFP Technologies, 172 East Main Street, Georgetown, MA, 01833, (800) 372-3172, visit, or email

T-Tubes® is a registered trademark of UFP Technologies, Inc.

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