Stainless Steel Spline Shafts handles light/moderate loads.

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Kerk® Spline Shaft Series can be manufactured in 304 stainless steel on SS2-SS8 Series spline shafts, which range from 1/8-½ in. dia and include full range of bushing options. To eliminate need for external lubrication and maintenance, entire spline shaft series includes low-friction Kerkote® TFE coating and is available with any combination of basic or anti-backlash bushing; plain or thread mount bushing; and ¼, 3/8, ½, or ¾ in. dia shaft.

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Kerk Motion Products Introduces Its New Stainless Steel Spline Shaft Series

Designed for Light to Moderate Load Applications

Kerk Motion Products, one of the world's premier manufacturers of non-ball lead screws, has expanded its Kerk® Spline Shaft Series with the introduction of its new stainless steel option. The Spline Shaft Series can now be manufactured in 304 stainless steel on its SS2 through SS8 Series spline shafts, which range from 1/8-inch to1/2-inch diameters, and include the full range of bushing options for these sizes. The entire spline shaft series includes Kerk's proprietary, low-friction Kerkote® TFE coating, including all the standard configurations offered in the series. Stainless Steel offers the maximum corrosion resistance and is the most versatile configuration. The Spline Shaft Series has been designed for light to moderate load applications, where low cost, low friction and long life are critical design considerations. This includes any application that requires a rotary drive with adjustable linear position or a linear guide with high torsional stability.

Depending on the particular application, a Kerk Spline Shaft can offer a wide range of benefits. In an application already implementing a ball spline, hex-, square- or D-shaft, it can provide a lower cost alternative without sacrificing positional accuracy. Because of its low-friction performance, it can allow a user to downsize certain process equipment, including motors, reducing heat buildup and energy requirements. Ultimately, its low friction performance will also contribute to longer product life.

The aluminum series continues to be offered as another option for applications requiring its unique characteristics. The Kerkote TFE coating eliminates the need for external lubrication and maintenance.

Kerk's spline shafts are available with any combination of the following standard features: basic or anti-backlash bushing, plain or thread mount bushing, and ¼-inch, 3/8-inch, ½-inch or ¾-inch diameter shaft. Custom machining of both the bushing and spline shaft is available for mounting considerations or to adapt to any required format.

About Kerk Motion Products

Established in 1976, Kerk Motion Products, Inc. is one of the world's largest exclusive manufacturers of non-ball lead screws. The company, headquartered in Hollis, NH, develops internationally patented, anti-backlash designs and materials that provide high accuracy, unsurpassed repeatability, and long life in a full range of motion control components, for all types of applications. The company's production facilities include its own injection molding and moldmaking, CNC machine tools, and a quality control department utilizing real-time SPC. For more information about Kerk Motion Products and its lines of lead screws, screw rails, and linear rails, contact Kerk Motion Products, Inc., 1 Kerk Drive, Hollis, NH 03049; Call 603-465-7227; Fax 603-465-3598. More information is available at

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