Stainless Steel Services Polished Stainless Steel Stanchions for a 354 Ft Bridge

New Project

Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge

San Diego, CA

Stainless Steel Services polished Type 2205 stainless steel vertical stanchions and supports for a major bridge, located in The San Diego Bay area of California. This bridge has a 354 ft-long main span and is a single-cable, self-anchored suspension bridge spanning six rail road tracks and several lanes of vehicle traffic.

Industries Served Since 1976

We have had the pleasure of meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers in our 30 years from both industrial and architectural industries. This indicates not just our ability to meet rigorous standards for consistency and finish accuracy, but also the equally important component of appearance and appeal. They are inseparable in our book. A perfect Ra reading finish is spoiled by over-run edges or finish striping common to plate polishing. Our customers get both finish performance and first class appearance. It's why we polish not just the inside of the pharmaceutical tank, but the wall for the clean room too. Not just the interior of the cooker, but the walls of the storage area as well. Many industries require polish. When our finish is utilized, it also becomes part of their selling asset.

Quality Assurance and Zero Carbon Contamination

Our modern, first class facility features the handling equipment and fixturing to ensure high specification and repeatable surface finishing. All material, whether provided by us or the customer, is handled and checked according to a refined system to maintain control, traceability and zero carbon contamination from first receipt to final shipment.

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