Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures Celebrates 30-Year Partnership with TWR Lighting, Inc.

The Situation

TWR Lighting, Inc., for 34 years has been a worldwide leader in specialized hazard and aviation obstruction lighting products and services. The company’s mission is to continually improve products and services, thereby allowing their customers to prosper by providing a reasonable return for their business. Developing long-term partnerships with vendors is essential for TWR Lighting.

The Challenge

As TWR started growing and expanding their product line, they wanted to continue to provide their customers with high quality, and be able to ship from stock same day or next day. To accomplish this they needed an enclosures supplier that had a wide variety of sizes to fit their needs: could be used indoor or outdoor, met the NEMA specifications they needed and could provide the technical support they needed for modifications-all at a reduced cost.

The Solution to the Challenge

TWR Lighting, Inc. had been using Stahlin Non-Metallic enclosures for some of their small lighting control units. The company was impressed with the product line, particularly, because Stahlin enclosures are able to withstand the harsh environment in which TWR Lighting products are installed. Often the control units are mounted in a building, however they are also mounted at the base of a structure or outside a shelter or building leaving it exposed to high winds, rain, snow, and extreme cold or intense heat.

Today, Stahlin and TWR Lighting are celebrating more than 30 years of this partnership. The partnership lasted because Stahlin continues to offer the company high quality product and sufficient stock in a variety of sizes with necessary modifications at a price lower than TWR paid in the past.

On the other side of the partnership, TWR Lighting continues to incorporate Stahlin’s non-metallic enclosures into their product lines and has been a loyal customer.

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