Stacked MLC Capacitors feature 25 V rating.

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Featuring MIL-PRF-49470 Level B reliability, SMPS Series 25 V Capacitors offer capacitance range of 1.5–390 µF and operating temperature of -55 to +125°C. Units are available with through-hole and surface-mount lead options to provide mechanical decoupling of ceramic chips from board and minimize stress during board flexing, vibration, and temperature cycling. Applications include I/O filters of high-power/high-voltage power supplies as well as bus filters and DC snubbers for high-power inverters.

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Introduces 25V Rating & Extended Capacitance Range to Its Industry-Leading MIL-PRF-49470 SMPS Capacitor Family

Featuring an Expanded Voltage & Capacitance Range, AVX’s SMPS Series MLC Capacitors are Ideal for High-Current, High-Power, & High-Temperature Applications

GREENVILLE, S.C. — AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and interconnect solutions, has expanded the voltage and capacitance range of its MIL-PRF-49470-qualified SMPS Series stacked MLC capacitors by adding a 25V capacitor to the original 50-500V offering.  The new 25V SMPS capacitor currently features standard MIL-PRF-49470 Level “B” reliability; however, a parallel component with T-Level reliability for space applications is under qualification. 

“Currently, AVX the only supplier listed on the 25V MIL-PRF-49470 QPL.  Consequently, this latest expansion of our SMPS Series will provide engineers with a much-needed lower voltage capacitor solution using proven technology specifically designed for applications that require high-reliability performance in harsh environments,” said Dan Shields, North American Product Manager at AVX.

Designed for high-current, high-power, and high-temperature applications, AVX’s MIL-PRF-49470 SMPS capacitors exhibit very low ESR and ESL and can withstand temperatures ranging from -55°C to +125°C.  Primarily used in the input/output filters of high-power and high-voltage power supplies, as well as in bus filters and DC snubbers for high-power inverters, the SMPS Series is also ideal for DC/DC converters, general and switched-mode power supplies, aerospace instrumentation panels, and a variety of hybrid power and military applications.

AVX’s SMPS Series capacitors are available in six case sizes and with a variety of through-hole and surface-mount lead options in order to both provide effective mechanical decoupling of the ceramic chips from the board and minimize stress during board flexing, vibration, and temperature cycling in a broad range of applications.  Lead frames are attached to the chips using high temperature solder, so there is no risk of solder reflow during board assembly.  SMPS Series capacitors are also available in both unencapsulated (MIL-PRF-49470/1) and encapsulated (MIL-PRF-49470/2) packaging technologies, providing design engineers with an enhanced reliability and durability option. 

Capacitance ranges for AVX’s MIL-PRF-49470-qualified SMPS Series are as follows: 25V = 1.5–390µF, 50V = 1–270µF, 100V = 0.68–180µF, 200V = 0.47–120µF, and 500V = 0.15–39µF.  Due to the number of available options within the SMPS Series, all parts are priced upon request.  Lead time is 11-14 weeks. 

For more information, please visit, call 864-967-2150, or write to One AVX Boulevard, Fountain Inn, S.C. 29644.

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AVX Corporation is a leading international supplier of electronic passive components and interconnect solutions with 26 manufacturing and customer support facilities in 15 countries around the world. AVX offers a broad range of devices including capacitors, resistors, filters, timing and circuit protection devices and connectors. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:AVX).

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