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Stackable 10 L Container promotes sustainability.

Press Release Summary:

Feb 14, 2013 - Designed to help brands improve sustainability and on-shelf impact, 310 container has stackable shape that maximizes space utilization during storage and transport. Weight of container helps reduce end-user's carbon footprint, while labeling area size fosters design and marketing opportunities. Embossed decoration option is also available, and ergonomic design aids handling and usage. Container also comes with all required UN certifications for transport of dangerous goods.

RPC Containers Ltd - Rutland, GBR

Original Press Release

Stackable 10L Container Cuts Weight and Adds Impact

Press release date: Feb 07, 2013

A new stackable 10L container from RPC Emballages Moirans can help brands improve both their sustainability credentials and on-shelf impact.

The 310 container is the result of thorough research in environmental impact and ergonomics, as well as the increasing demand of customers for personalisation capability.

The substantially-reduced weight of the new 310 means it can help brands significantly reduce their carbon footprint. To help make further savings, the stackable shape makes the most of available space during both storage and transport.

Design and marketing opportunities are maximised through the incorporation of a 20 per cent larger labelling area, with the further option of embossed decoration.

For users, the experience is improved thanks to the Its ergonomically-friendly design, which makes it easy to handle and use.

The 310 container also comes with all the required UN certifications for the transport of dangerous goods.

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