Stability Sensor performs over wide range of conditions.

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Made from pressure sensitive ink, FlexiForce® Enhanced Stability Series 301 (ESS301) is capable of measuring force and pressure in environments with temperatures up to 85°C and relative humidity up to 95%. Force range is up to 100 lb using recommended circuitry and can be extended via reduction of drive voltage (VT) or resistance value of feedback resistor (RF). By increasing VT or RF, sensitivity can be increased for measurement of lower forces.

Original Press Release:

Tekscan Announces New Enhanced Stability Sensor

Boston, MA Tekscan has announced the release of their latest sensor offering – the FlexiForce® Enhanced Stability Series 301 (ESS301). The ESS301 sensor is made from Tekscan's new Enhanced Stability Series (ESS) pressure sensitive ink that allows for the same high quality performance as other standard FlexiForce sensors but with the added benefit of measuring force in a wider range of temperature and humidity. This sensor will assist OEM engineers, product designers, and research professionals who are looking to measure force in applications where humidity and high temperature are factors. 

The new ESS301 sensor is three times less sensitive to heat and humidity as compared to the FlexiForce standard sensor and performs better over a wider range of environmental, operating, and storage conditions.  This enhanced sensor is also available in small quantities for prototyping and can be customized to fit OEM designs.

Mark Lowe, V.P. of Sensor Business said, “Over the last few years, we found customers approaching us with applications where heat and humidity were factors. Tekscan recognized these needs and developed an enhanced sensor to allow them to measure force where these factors are present.” For more information on ESS301, please visit

About Tekscan

Tekscan is the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of tactile pressure and force measurement sensors and systems. Our customizable, minimally invasive sensing solutions enable customers to integrate our technology into their design to create innovative and differentiated products, by measuring where others cannot. Our passion for sensor technology, investment in research, and application engineering expertise enable us to help turn the vision of our customers into reality.

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