Stäubli Quick Mold Changing Systems: Innovations in Plastics Processing

DUNCAN, SC - Based on its extensive knowledge in changing and connecting molds, Stäubli has developed a complete line of products designed to improve changeover times in plastics processing. Standard and specialized products cover a range of applications, including vertical and horizontal mold changes in injection molding machines, with systems capable of handling water, hydraulic fluid, electrical signals, compressed air and hot oil. Stäubli's CBI connectors have become the standard for mold connections in the PET industry.

A number of attributes make Stäubli's quick mold changing systems particularly effective. First, Stäubli is one of the few companies to offer complete, end-to-end changeover solutions. Every potential opportunity for saving downtime is addressed, process-wide, from changing the mold to connecting all mold energies. Further, all of Stäubli's systems, from single connection points to magnetic clamping systems, are known for durability and can be relied upon to retain their integrity over many thousands of cycles. Quality materials play a large part, offering high resistance to corrosion. In particular, seal materials are selected for compatibility with cooling fluids and system attributes.

Safety is also a key differentiator. Dry break, non-spill design keeps fluids in the system, preventing them from escaping into the environment on connection and disconnection. A low pressure loss coefficient across the connector ensures minimal impact to cooling circuits.

Stäubli's mold changing systems are also highly user-friendly. They're integrated into the machine control pendant using an SPI interface to ensure safe, intuitive operation. Additionally, a magnetic clamping controller guides the operator through the operation, displaying clamping force and temperature - all features that contribute to keeping operators and molds working under safe, reliable conditions.

Industry professionals will have the opportunity to see Stäubli's quick mold changing systems, along with other plastics industry innovations from Stäubli, at PLAST-EX 2011 in Toronto, Canada, June 21-23. Stäubli will be exhibiting in Booth 2241.



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