Stäubli CBI Coupling Range

With the development of its range of CBI non-spill flat-face couplings, Stäubli has pushed the limits of performance.

Non-spill technology ensures operator safety:

- no discharge or work place contamination.

- protection for tools and production.

Pollution-preventing flat faces guarantee the integrity of fluids and gases:
no pollution can enter your circuits.

Automatic locking CBI couplings offer easy and practical handling. Simply push the plug into the socket and it's connected. The concept is particularly suitable for blind and repeated connections.

The compact design makes them especially suitable for difficult access situations.

In operation, the robust construction of this range provides great strength to withstand high mechanical stresses such as vibrations and oscillations.

Optimum flow in a compact design improves productivity.

Automatic operation and simplicity when connecting to circuits and machines offer genuine time savings.

The extended range from 3 to 16 mm enables you to choose the perfect coupling for your application; simply select the seal according to the fluid conveyed:

Hot or cold water, steam or glycol water

heat transfer fluids, lubricating oils

Gas circuits.

Max. service pressure: 50 bar.

STÄUBLI non-spill, pollution-free couplings - concentrated performance improving your productivity

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