SSP Supplies Restricted Tolerance Controlled Instrumentation Tubing

April, 20, 2009 - SSP, a manufacturer of instrumentation fittings and valves, now supplies 316/316L instrumentation tubing. SSP Tubes incorporate tighter tolerance controls than what is allowed by common industry standards such as ASTM A213, A269, and EN 10305. These restricted tolerance controls improve the performance and safety of small bore piping systems.

Safe installation and operation of a small bore piping system requires a system approach involving trained and qualified installers, quality tube fittings, and specification-controlled controlled tubing. The system approach requires attention to all three inputs.

SSP Tubes are manufactured from dual-grade material, which means alloy with identical physical characteristics and slightly different chemical characteristics are supplied favoring the grade with the more refined characteristics.

SSP Tubes have a lower hardness than specification allowance (HRB 80). This improves the sealing performance with instrumentation tube fittings, and also allows the tubing to be bent and formed easier.

SSP Tubes have restricted minimum outside diameter tolerances, and use the full allowance on the maximum permissible outside diameter. (+.005 / -.000) Tubing produced on the larger side of the tolerance range allow the tube fitting to seal more reliably.

SSP Tubes have the Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) printed on the layline of the tubing. MAWP is calculated using widely accepted ANSI/ASME B31.3 Process Piping specifications and code calculations.

SSP Tubes are supplied with protective end caps to ensure cleanliness inside the tubing and minimize damage to the end of the tubing for reliable sealing and maximum yield from the tube.

Each tube undergoes a rigorous inspection and certification process and comes complete with individualized inspection certificates and summarized test results in compliance with EN 10 204 3.1 and ISO 10474.

SSP Tubes are available from stock in fractional OD sizes ¼" - ½" and metric sizes from 6mm-12mm.

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