Squeegees target lead-free processes.

Press Release Summary:

Permalex Metal Squeegees are infused with polymer lubricant, which eliminates sticking typically seen on other metal squeegees. Products facilitate printing in lead-free environments.

Original Press Release:

Permalex Squeegees Improve the Lead-Free Process

Transition Automation's Permalex Squeegees offer a smooth transition and improved printing with lead free solder paste.

Using the highest quality squeegee is becoming even more important as the industry moves toward Lead Free Assembly. Permalex Squeegees offer improved printing in lead free environments.

Permalex Metal Squeegee are infused with a polymer lubricant. This lubricant eliminates the sticking typically seen on other metal squeegees. In the past, lead has acted as a lubricating element, with its ability to stretch, shear, fill, and smooth out any process of sliding between two elements. As the industry moves towards lead free this form of lubrication found in Permalex Squeegees becomes vital to your printing process

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