Squeegee System features self-cleaning design.

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Based on microprocessor-controlled torque actuators, Permalex Paste Manager helps eliminate problem of solder paste sticking to squeegee inside SMT printer. Sticking can cause delays and defects within SMT printer, as cycle time must be delayed until solder paste has completely dropped from squeegee before next squeegee can initiate. Electronically actuated system achieves 90% cleaning action in 3.9 sec for 14 in. long squeegee.

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Transition Automation Debuts Electronic Paste Manager Self-Cleaning Squeegee System

Web Site Update shows live demonstration

North Billerica, Massachusetts, USA -Transition Automation, Inc. is unveiling for the first time the Permalex Paste Manager, a Self-Cleaning Squeegee System based on a microprocessor controlled torque actuators. Transition Automation, Inc. has updated it's web site and the product may be seen live on-line at: www.permalex.com. The company is also unveiling this new technology at the Apex Trade show (booth number 4126), and the Nepcon Shanghai trade show (booth number C308).

This product is a solution to an industry wide problem of solder paste sticking to squeegees inside the SMT printer. All solder pastes will adhere to the squeegees and with lead-free solder paste, the problem is more severe. Solder paste sticking causes delays and defects within the SMT printer, as the cycle time must be delayed until the solder paste has completely dropped from the squeegee before the next squeegee can initiate. This new electronically actuated version of Transition's Paste Manager achieves a 90 percent cleaning action in 3.9 seconds for a 14 inch long squeegee. The company also indicates that solder paste will remain viable for longer duty cycles and with a wider range of viscosities than would be possible with normal squeegees. Therefore, this new product improves the overall capability of SMT printers. This system is in stock and available for a wide variety of SMT printing platforms. The USA List Price is : $9,950 and deliveries are 2 weeks A.R.O.

For more information about "The Permalex Paste Manager", visit www.transitionautomation.com, and click under the graphic showing the new Self-Cleaning Squeegee System. Visitors may register to receive the latest brochure and application data Readers may also contact the company by e-mailing sales@transitionautomation.com, or calling toll free: 800-648-3338.

Transition Automation, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Permalex® Edge Metal Squeegees, holder systems, and advanced self-cleaning squeegee systems. Founded in 1989, Transition Automation, Inc. continues to advance the state of the art in surface mount solder paste printing through innovation of the critical and high-cycle squeegee component of the SMT assembly process. The company is located at 101 Billerica Avenue, Building 5, North Billerica, MA 01862. Phone: 978-670-5500; Toll-Free U.S.: 800-648-3338; Fax 978-670-2300, Web: www.transitionautomation.com

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