Springs are suited for medium- and high-voltage switchgear.

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Rated for current to 1,800 A, BalContact(TM) Springs utilize canted-coil spring design that enables near-constant contact force over working deflection range. Spring lifetime is rated at over 10,000 cycles, and products are constructed to withstand harsh environments. They enable steady current transfer, even in applications where torquing, misalignment, vibration, and shock are present. In electrical contact applications, products can serve as coupling rings.

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BalContact(TM) Springs for Medium- and High-Voltage Switchgear

BalContact(TM) Springs - featuring a patented canted-coil spring design enabling near-constant contact force over a wide range of working deflection - offer excellent mechanical and electrical performance in medium- and high-voltage switchgear. A small coil size and high coil count make the springs suitable for compact designs, with spring lifetime rated at > 10,000 cycles. (BalContact(TM) Springs retain their resiliency long-term, while other electrical contacts, such as leaf springs, tend to "relax" over time.)

Able to withstand the harshest environments, BalContact(TM) Springs enable steady current transfer - even in applications where significant torquing, misalignment, vibration and/or shock are present. Spring design compensates for surface irregularities and permits wide mating tolerances, lowering production costs for spring end-users. In addition, in electrical contact applications, BalContact(TM) Springs serve as coupling rings. These allow plugs and sockets to be connected/disconnected and offer the option of a measurable holding and insertion force.

Operating parameters for BalContact(TM) Springs are as follows:

Disconnect force - 18 N

Current - 1800 A

Current pulse - 40 kA (3 sec.)

Contact resistance - R<0.01 mohm

Plug diameter - 30 mm

Spring material - Silver-plated beryllium-copper

BalContact(TM) Springs are designed for easy installation. They are available for stationary, sliding and rotary contact applications. For more information, please contact sales@balseal.com; (949) 460-2100; www.balseal.com.

(See balseal.com/products/elec_contacts.jsp for specific details on BalContact(TM) Springs.)

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