Spring Set Brakes hold loads when power fails.

Press Release Summary:

ERD Series electrically-released, spring set brakes perform dynamic stopping and fail-safe, power-off braking to hold loads in event of electrical outage. Brakes are available in 8 sizes, from 3.3 to 9.9 in. dia with torque capacities from 4 to 220 lb ft. Brakes permit stopping and holding in both directions, and can stop loads from motor speeds up to 3600 rpm. Applications include hoists, winches, conveyors, machine tools, robotics, and overhead doors.

Original Press Release:

Electrically Released Spring Set Brakes Offer Dynamic Stopping, Load Holding

SOUTH BELOIT, IL, Jan. 2002 - Warner Electric introduces the ERD Series of electrically-released, spring set brakes. These brakes perform two jobs: dynamic stopping, as in a conventional brake, and fail-safe, power-off braking to hold loads in the event of electrical outage. This dual-capability is perfect for hoist/ winch applications, eliminating the need for a dedicated brake to halt the load.

As a fail-safe, power-off brake, the ERD family is ideally suited for such load-stopping and holding applications as conveyors, machines tools (e.g. lathes), robotics, medical X-Y positioning, scooters and overhead doors. The ERD instantly stops the load when the electric power is removed or the motor fails.

"ERD brakes can handle repeated braking from full motor speed with no torque fade because of its fully dynamic friction material," says Ron Fenelon, product manager, Warner Electric. "The user also has the ability to adjust braking torque down to 50 percent of nominal rating, which is important for controlling stopping distances."

An optional manual release allows the operator to move the load safely, even when no power is available. In addition, the spring set ERD permits stopping and holding in both directions.

Warner Electric ERD spring set brakes are available in eight different sizes, ranging from 3.3 inches to 9.9 in. diameter with torque capacities from 4 to 220 lb. ft. The friction flange can be easily modified to suit unique bolt patterns. In special cases, brakes may be mounted directly to the motor without the need for the flange. The dynamic friction material can stop loads from motor speeds up to 3600 RPM.

Additional benefits include low power requirements for energy savings, epoxy-sealed continuous duty coil for uniform heat transfer, and splined hub for quiet, dependable operation.

How It Works
By applying voltage to the spring set ERD, an electromagnetic field is created, which causes the armature plate to pull-in against helical compression springs, thus releasing the brake. When power is removed, the springs force the armature to compress the friction carrier against the mounting flange, thus stopping and holding the load.

Headquartered in South Beloit, IL, Warner Electric is a global supplier of industrial clutches, brakes, clutch/brake controls, tensioning systems, and sensors and switches. Warner Electric is a member of the Colfax Power Transmission Group, a world class marketing and manufacturing leader with hundreds of years of industrial manufacturing expertise.

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