Spring Plungers are available in M2 size.

Press Release Summary:

Halder threaded line of spring plungers includes 11 sizes from M2 to M24, including M2 slotted spring plunger in threaded SS design with SS ball and spring. Suited for electronics and medical devices, line also includes M3 size press fit spring plunger available in SS, brass, and Delrin body types. Press fit plungers feature 7 sizes from M3 to M12.

Original Press Release:

An M2 Spring Plunger?

Yes! Miniature plunger is ideal for small spaces - from electronics to medical devices. Halder, Inc. recently introduced an M2 slotted spring plunger in a threaded, stainless steel design with a stainless ball and spring. The new addition to the broad spring plunger line offered by the highly-regarded German manufacturer is capable of application in the smallest of spaces. Because they are manufactured, assembled and tested using automation, Halder spring plungers are considered to be the most reliable and dependable in the industry. Precise testing of spring ranges and spring forces assures a more dependable and long-lasting product. The Halder threaded line of spring plungers now includes 11 different sizes from M2 to M24. In addition, Halder also unveiled a new M3 size press fit spring plunger in three different body types: stainless steel, brass and Delrin (plastic). Each press fit plunger has a stainless ball and stainless spring. The Halder press fit line of spring plungers now includes seven sizes from M3 to M12, and custom sizes and spring forces may also be achieved. Halder spring plungers can be used with confidence and are ideal for safe: locating, clamping, ejecting, securing, locking, positioning, fixing, centering, indexing, adjusting and more. For more information call 262-521-2050, or go to www.halder.com and click on Standard Parts.

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