Spring-Loaded Engraving Tool suits smaller CNC machines.

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Able to work with flat, curved, and uneven surfaces, Mini Spring Loaded Engraving Toolholder is designed for smaller CNC engraving or milling machines that have limited distance between spindle and workpiece table. Product can be used in CNC machine with ½ or ¼ in. collet or end mill holder and engraves using 3/16 in. dia toolbits. Design provides constant pressure to engraving toolbit and allows it to float within toolholder to compensate for uneven surfaces.

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The Spring Loaded Engraving Tool is Now Available in a Mini Size for Smaller CNC Machines

2L inc.'s Patented Spring Loaded Engraving Tool, for engraving flat, curved and uneven surfaces is now available with 1/4", 1/2" or 3/4" shanks for CNC machines which have limited distance between the spindle and the workpiece table.

News Release: Wednesday, May 16th, 2007, 12:00pm EST

Source 2L inc., Hudson, Massachusetts - 2L inc. announced today it has expanded its' Spring Loaded Engraving Tool product line to offer two additional size Spring Loaded Engraving Toolholders to meet the engraving requirements of operators using smaller CNC Engraving or Milling Machines.

The new Mini Spring Loaded Engraving Toolholders can be used in a CNC Machine with either a 1/2" or 1/4" collet or end mill holder and engraves using 3/16" diameter toolbits.

The Standard Spring Loaded Engraving Tool is designed for use in a 3/4" collet or endmill holder for maximum rigidity and for high-volume, high speed production. Its' integrated collet holder allows quick changes of engraving tools in diameters from 1/8"-1/4".

"While the rest of the world is "supersizing" things, the new Mini Spring Loaded Engraving Toolholders offer a significant opportunity for machine shops and businesses with smaller tabletop CNC Machines to take advantage of the Spring Loaded Engraving Toolholder's benefits," noted the company spokesman. "The value of the Spring Loaded Engraving Tools has proven to be multifold, and bring high speed production marking capabilities to shops with smaller tabletop machines." added the spokesman.

"The 2L Spring Loaded Engraving Tools simplify engraving and marking on flat, curved and uneven surfaces when engraving using a CNC milling machine. The patented design of the Spring Loaded Tool provides constant pressure to the engraving toolbit as it moves over the surface being engraved, while allowing the toolbit to float within the toolholder and compensate for uneven surfaces in the engraved material. The use of the 2L Spring Loaded Engraving Tool has been shown to significantly reduce engraving cycle times up to 84% in high production. Savings are also realized in setup times because the precise location of the workpiece surface is not critical as it is when using a rigid toolholder." continued the spokesman.

Each Spring Loaded Engraving Tool Kit includes the Spring Loaded Engraving Toolholder, one 2L Solid Carbide Engraving Toolbit, Free Engraving 2L Software and a light tension spring for general purpose engraving.

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