Spring Cylinders have threaded body style.

Press Release Summary:

Universal Spring Cylinders have thread sizes that conform to standard devices, such as miniature shock absorbers or hydraulic clamp cylinders. Hardened steel plunger has tapped hole and pilot bore on compression end and threaded extension on tension end. Optional retracting lock can be used on threaded and non-threaded styles. When partially or fully extended, lock aids in preventing rotation of plunger by keying to flats of cylinder body.

Original Press Release:

New Threaded Body Style Added to Line of DBM Universal Spring Cylinders

Milwaukee, WI - April 29, 2002 - DBM Innovation Inc. has added a treaded body style to its line of DBM Universal Spring Cylinders, the recently introduced new line of spring loaded devices. These multifunctional devices fit numerous industrial applications not handled by existing spring stops and larger plungers, reducing custom design and build costs.

The tread size on the body has been selected to conform to standard devices such as miniature shock absorbers or hydraulic clamp cylinders (_-20, _-16, 1-12, 1 _-16), making the mounting hardware and accessories interchangeable.

The spring cylinder s plunger has a tapped hole and pilot bore on the compression end and a threaded extension on the tension end. It is easy to add standard or custom attachments and create a device that fills a variety of needs in compression or tension. The hardened steel plunger (45-50 Rc) can also be used directly without attachments (such as indexing applications).

The same optional retracting lock can be used on the threaded and non-treaded styles. Completely retracting the plunger and rotating it 90 degrees will hold the plunger in position. The removable retracting lock is designed to attach to the spring plunger s threaded extension. When partially or fully extended, the retract lock can also aid in preventing rotation of the plunger by keying to the flats of the cylinder body.

Four cylinder sizes are available in two spring forces. Additional sizes, materials and attachments are currently under development. Special designs and spring forces can be supplied as well. Call or send specifications for a prompt quotation.

A patent is pending on the DBM Universal Spring Cylinder. DBM Innovation Inc. is a privately owned corporation established in Wisconsin in 1996. For more information visit: www.dbminnovation.com or call 262-246-8075.

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