Spring Belts provide reliable tension in hostile environments.

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Jacketed Spring Belts(TM) offer variety of flexible jacketing options including Cyclothane-A urethane, Viton, PVC, Hypalon®, and nitrile. Jackets made with Cyclothane-E urethane operate from -25 to 250°F, while silicone jackets work from -70 to 450°F. Steel spring round belts range in size from 1/8 to 3/4 in. and can be used on pulley diameters as small as 3/4 in. Connectable Quick-Fix form allows installation without disassembling equipment.

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New Jacketed Spring Belts Provide Reliable Tension and Drive Power in Hostile and Hot Environments

Elastic Belts Offer Long-Lasting Performance Even At Temperatures Above 400°F

Hilliard, Ohio - New Jacketed Spring Belt(TM) (patent pending) elastic drive belts from Dura-Belt, Inc. feature a variety of flexible jacketing options for lasting performance in virtually any hostile environment. These steel spring round belts offer reliable tension, grip, and drive power in tough applications where other round belts might fail, such as high-temperature or harsh chemical environments. Dura-Belt's Jacketed Spring Belts provide a long working life at high temperatures, in excess of 180°F, and may be the only available elastic belts that do so.

Jacketing options include high-temperature resistant Cyclothane-A urethane, for temperatures up to 250°F (120°C); chemical resistant Viton; acid resistant PVC or DuPont Hypalon®; coolant and chlorine "washdown" resistant nitrile; and anti-static (static dissipative) urethane. Jackets made with Cyclothane-E urethane operate over a wide temperature range, from -25°F to 250°F (-31°C to 120°C), while silicone jackets will work from -70°F to 450°F (-57°C to 232°C). Used without a jacket, the steel spring belt is ideal for dusty or oily rollers and pulleys, providing consistent tension and grip where other belts will slip.

Dura-Belt's 3/16" Jacketed Spring Belts offer tension equal to the company's standard 3/16" cross-section diameter Cyclothane-A urethane O-ring belt stretched 12%. Their design permits use on pulley diameters as small as 3/4". They are available in connectable "Quick-Fix" form so they can be easily installed without disassembling equipment. The belts are available in various durometers, colors, and tensions, and in sizes from 1/8" through 3/4". Jacket seams are under compression so no gaps show, but seam welding or sealing is also available.

Dura-Belt offers free samples, technical support, and fast delivery. Same day shipping is available on most belts until 7 p.m. Eastern time.

Dura-Belt manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom high-quality urethane belting and associated products, including endless O-rings, twisted connectable belts, V-belts, flat belts, lineshaft spools, idler pulleys, belt installers, and splicing accessories.

For more information contact Dura-Belt, Inc., 2909 Scioto Darby Executive Ct., Hilliard, Ohio, 43026. Tel: 1-800-770-2358 or (614) 777-0295. FAX: (614) 777-9448. E-mail: info@durabelt.com. Internet: www.durabelt.com.

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