Spray Control System applies lubricants and coatings.

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Automated Modular Spray System Model MS1250 consists of electronic controller/driver, valve package, optional pressure tank, and balanced cart for mobility. With triggering capabilities, system provides spray gun control ranging from small dots to smooth, uniform coating. Pulsed spray, separated by delays that occur several times/sec, help reduce airborne mists when used in conjunction with properly selected spray nozzle.

Original Press Release:

Autojet Technologies Introduces an Affordable Automated Spray Control System

New MS1250 delivers significant savings and efficiency at a competitive price

WHEATON, IL / February 9, 2004 - AutoJet Technologies, a division of Spraying Systems Co., today introduced the MS1250 Modular Spray System, a low-priced automated spraying system that dramatically improves the efficiency and performance of automatic spray guns for the application of lubricants and coatings.

The MS1250 consists of four basic components - an electronic controller/driver and an engineered valve package, plus the options of a pressure tank and a rugged balanced cart for mobility. The MS1250 provides the convenience of a fully integrated system at a fraction of the cost.

The MS1250 Modular Spray System gives you enhanced control of all types of spray applications, including:
o Moistening
o Coating
o Lubricating
o Marking
o Disinfecting

The MS1250 system is a solid performer in conveyor-based applications or any other applications that benefit from its triggering capabilities. From small dots to a smooth, uniform coating, the MS1250 provides excellent spray gun control with dependable results. Durable enough for full-scale production applications, the MS1250 is also an excellent choice for R&D or pilot runs.

If misting and overspray are a concern in your facility, a pulsed spray - separated by delays that occur several times per second - can significantly reduce airborne mists when used in conjunction with a properly selected spray nozzle.

"Smart companies in all kinds of industries recognize that spray automation delivers a tremendous boost to their efficiency and their bottom line," said Bill Kohley, Vice President of AutoJet Technologies. "Yet in challenging economic times, tight capital budgets have put many firms in a bind. We have responded with the MS1250 to help them get into the world of spray automation affordably."

Even more advanced control options are available in the AutoJet Technologies flagship MS2250 Modular Spray System. For more information on choosing the best system for your needs, contact AutoJet Technologies at 1-866-321-2250.

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