SpotterRF Receives Commodity Jurisdiction Determination for Full-Dome Counter Drone Radar

SpotterRF’s 3D-500 Radar Receives Commodity Jurisdiction Determination

Foremost Full-Dome Drone Detection Radar Will Promote Security and Safety Globally

OREM, UTAH (PRWEB) - SEPTEMBER 11, 2019 - SpotterRF, recognized in the Perimeter Security Industry as the fastest growing and most innovative surveillance radar solution company in the world, announced today that it has received a commodity jurisdiction (CJ) determination from the US State Department for its 3D-500 radar. The CJ determination classifies the 3D-500 radar as a commercial product exportable under the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) rather than the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) that apply to military items. The CJ empowers the company to offer its best-in-class 360° full-dome radar to a broader global market. 

In July 2019, SpotterRF was awarded a patent for the 3D-500 360° full-dome radar. The 3D-500 was developed to detect drone attacks and is the latest in a line of counter-drone radars from SpotterRF.

The 3D-500 is the first radar to create a full-dome drone detection volume from 0° to 90° in the vertical and 360° in the horizontal with a single radar that weighs 12 pounds. The 3D-500 radar measures latitude, longitude, and altitude of all aerial targets in a 1 km wide semi-hemisphere dome, even directly above the radar with no gaps in coverage. Rapid threat assessment is simple with the automatic AI-driven classification and 3D tracking of CUAS combined with fully automated camera queuing on the target. 

Effective and cost-effective counter-drone systems are necessary to tackle challenges faced by airports, special events, military, prisons, and critical infrastructure. 

“Perimeter protection has now become a three-dimensional problem that needs a three-dimensional security sensor to detect and mitigate those threats.“ states Logan Harris, SpotterRF CEO.

The 3D-500 Counter-UAS System provides:

  • FCC Certified with a standard licensing for stationary and mobile applications
  • Mobile for quick deployment applications such as prisons, sporting events, concerts, VIP events, or mobile force protection
  • Low power usage, and is not affected by inclement weather conditions
  • Rapid threat assessment is simple with the AI automated classification applied to create greater efficiency in identifying which targets are sUAS/CUAS while filtering out more than 99.9% of other clutter, such as birds
  • 3D tracking of sUAS/CUAS combined with large volumetric coverage even directly overhead with no gaps in coverage tracks targets in 3 dimensions with a high probability of detection and a low false alarm rate
  • 3D-500 system is cost-effective, making it perfect for protecting assets and personnel from the growing threat of drones and undesired aerial presence


SpotterRF is recognized in the Perimeter Security Industry as the fastest growing and most innovative surveillance radar solution company in the world. Solutions range from 1 acre of covered area up to 380 acres. With radar deployed on nearly every continent, SpotterRF continues to grow its channel worldwide with an increasingly loyal customer base driving expansion forward. Leading-edge products coupled with compact design make SpotterRF the only choice for Protection Beyond Fences. For more information, contact

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