SpotMe Warning System from TMHE is Awarded 2013 Innovation Award at Préventica Fair in France

SpotMe Warning System from TMHE is Awarded 2013 Innovation Award at Préventica Fair in France.

The 2013 Innovation Award in Material Handling, Stacking and Lifting category has been awarded to Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) at the Préventica Fair in Lille, France. Hosted from 28th- 30th May, the fair focuses on the importance of security, health at work and risk prevention in France.

The SpotMe warning system was chosen as the 2013 Innovation Award winner by a jury composed of representatives from official health organisations, large companies and specialised members of the press. The jury praised Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE)’s SpotMe warning system for emphasising the importance of forklift safety in the workplace.

By detecting the presence of pedestrians and forklift trucks, SpotMe’s highly sensitive infrared sensors substantially reduce the risk of collisions in the workplace. Instead of using an alarm bell or noise attached to the truck to alert for danger, SpotMe uses a warning light that is independent from the forklift, thereby creating low maintenance and a safer system. This system not only benefits the well-being of nearby pedestrians, but also the security of goods in the work environment.

Hans Larsson, Director of Logistics Solutions at Toyota Material Handling Europe revealed, “Winning the Innovation Award for SpotMe at the Préventica Fair 2013 highlights the safety initiatives and efforts upon which Toyota Material Handling Europe’s core principles are based. SpotMe has already been installed in all TMHE factories and we’ve been receiving positive feedback from our customers. The award, plus the continued growth of interest in SpotMe, highlights the market’s increasing need for, and investment in, stationary safety systems at a time when safety solutions are typically installed on vehicles themselves. We will continue to ‘work together for risk prevention’, strengthening our commitment to safer warehouse operations.”

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