Splitters are suited for set-top boxes with multiple tuners.

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Models APS3608, APS3611, and APS3623 incorporate low noise linear amplifiers to drive multiple output paths, each of which provides low distortion connection to analog or digital video tuner. With 50-1,100 MHz operating frequency band, 3-way APS3608 provides CTB/CSO of -70 dBc typical. Optimized for compatibility with MoCA bands over 1 GHz, 3-way APS3623 offers CTB and CSO of -77 and -65 dBc, respectively. Model APS3611 2-way splitter has CTB of -74 dBc and CSO of -67 dBc.

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ANADIGICS Launches Family of Active Splitters Designed for Set-Top Boxes with Multiple Tuners

Splitter Portfolio Includes New Products Optimized for Equipment With MoCA® (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) Functionality

WARREN, N.J., June 24 / -- ANADIGICS, Inc. (NASDAQ:ANAD) today announced the launch of three new active splitters for use in CATV set-top boxes with multiple tuners: the APS3608, APS3611 and APS3623. All three devices incorporate highly linear, low noise amplifiers to drive multiple output paths, each of which provides a very low distortion connection to either an analog video or a digital video tuner.

"The development of three new splitter products clearly demonstrates ANADIGICS' commitment to the subscriber side of the broadband marketplace," remarks Ron Michels, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ANADIGICS' Broadband Business. "These products are integral to RF front-end solutions, including those that support MoCA functionality. MoCA allows consumers to tap into the vast amount of unused bandwidth available through existing in-home coaxial wiring. This extra bandwidth enables the seamless networking of multiple entertainment devices."

ANADIGICS' APS3608 is a three-way active splitter with differential inputs and outputs and integrated gain control. The device provides 5dB typical noise figure at 5.5dB gain, and the three output paths can be controlled individually, with each providing 29dB of gain control range. The APS3608 has a flat gain profile over its 50 to 1100MHz operating frequency band. The device delivers excellent second and third order distortion performance, with CTB/CSO of-70dBc (typ.), and cross modulation (XMOD) of -67 dBc (typ.).

The APS3611 is a two-way active splitter with single-ended inputs and outputs that operates to 870MHz, and has a special frequency/gain profile designed to compensate for in-band attenuation caused by MoCA line filters. It has a low noise figure of 5dB, a fixed gain of 3dB, and a current adjust pin for optimizing distortion performance. The intermodulation distortion performance of the device is similar to the APS3608, with a CTB of -74 dBc, CSO of -67 dBc, and XMOD of -66 dBc.

The highly linear, low noise APS3623 is a three-way active splitter with single-ended inputs and outputs. It is optimized for compatibility with MoCA bands over 1GHz, and supports both analog and digital channel line-ups. With a CTB of -77 dBc and a CSO of -65 dBc, the linearity/distortion performance of the device is best in class. Both the APS3611 and the APS3623 were designed for MoCA-enabled set-top boxes, but also support multiple-tuner TV, TV tuner card and broadband media center applications.

The APS3608 is available now at a price of $3.54 in quantities of 5,000 units. For product specifics, visit: anadigics.com/products/cable_broadcast/active_splitters/aps3608

The APS3611 is available now at a price of $2.02 in quantities of 5,000 units. For product specifics, visit: anadigics.com/products/cable_broadcast/active_splitters/aps3611

The APS3623 is available now at a price of $2.29 in quantities of 5,000 units. For product specifics, visit: anadigics.com/products/cable_broadcast/active_splitters/aps3623

For product pricing or sampling, visit: anadigics.com/worldwide_sales or contact ANADIGICS at +1.908.668.5000 (Phone) or +1.908.668.5132 (FAX).


ANADIGICS, Inc. (NASDAQ:ANAD) is a leading provider of semiconductor solutions in the rapidly growing broadband wireless and wireline communications markets. Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Warren, NJ, the company's award-winning products include power amplifiers, tuner integrated circuits, active splitters, line amplifiers, and other components, which can be sold individually or packaged as integrated radio frequency and front end modules. For more information, visit www.anadigics.com.

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