Spiral Bevel Gearboxes Neeter Range N

15 March 2006

Spiral Bevel Gearboxes can be used wherever power has to be transmitted through an angle of 90°. They are particularly valuable where precision, efficiency, high speeds (up to 6500 rpm - dependant upon size and range) and loads, low noise or compactness are required.

Under ideal conditions of operation, bevel gears have a tooth contact, which utilises the full working profile of the tooth without load concentration in any area, and with gradual fading of tooth bearing at the tips of the teeth. Under these conditions, the gears have the greatest load capacity and will function most smoothly, quietly and offer 95 - 98% efficiency.

Neeter Drive (a division of Power Jacks) offers a vast variety of Spiral Bevel Gearboxes in its four ranges, features from the various ranges include ratios up to 6:1, hollow shaft, speed increasing, motor mounting flanges, and light weight aluminium housings. The original range, now known as the Range N features fine tooth gears (greater overlap ratio), shouldered shafts, O-rings in all covers and supplied with double rounded keys in the customer end of the shafts.

The Range N could be key to over come or help in your design and applications. Over many years this range has been adapted to suit customer needs; whether it's a minor alteration, including longer or, shorter shafts or even a simple spigot on covers this can be achieved. The main advantage of the units specifically adapted to meet customers' needs, is that they allow the units to easily and neatly interface with the end product, saving assembly time and cost.

Other features, which have been incorporated over the years, include Stainless Steel - Units manufactured with stainless steel case, covers and shafts, supplied for nuclear environment and the food process industry. Under water applications can be catered for with units designed for Submersible use, units have been supplied as part of a remote underwater valve controller system. The units supplied were manufactured using customer specified materials for shafts, oil seals and o-rings. As well as redesigning the covers to take the special oil seals and special interfacing, a facility for the customer to fix a "pressure balloon" to allow them to pressure compensate the unit was provided.

The range for many years has been utilised by defence companies with modified units for Military Applications, features include gearbox housings manufactured from aluminium, special shaft design and mounting flanges. These units have been used on military vehicles & artillery. Neeter Drive has vast experience in this type of application and has been greatly involved in research and development work with various defence companies to offer units suited to their applications. The units have also been greatly involved in Humanitarian projects, which include special "high Power" units designed to work on land minesweepers, which have been used extensively throughout the world. The "high Power" unit is based upon a standard product, but the internal gear and shaft design has been designed to give extra power at a given speed within the case size.

Specially adapted units have been used in a close-coupled design with special mounting features on housings to allow compact Conveyor lines to be designed thus keeping the width of the conveyor to a minimum allowing the operative to get closer to the product on the line. One such system is used in a UK automotive plant. Specially sealed units, complete with special shafts and mounting interfaces have been designed to allow the gearbox to be tightly integrated into a pharmaceutical mixer.

Many other applications have benefited from the adaptability of the Range N and the applications detailed above are just a few, whether its small modifications or more extensive most design requirements can be fulfilled.

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