Spin Rinse Dryer for Cassettes reduces nitrogen use.

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Intended for semiconductor processing, Compass SRD enables accelerated drying of wafers. IDX Flexware™ Process Control Software, included, enables host communication and factory automation. With recipe download and remote access, dryer increases usability and facilitates process control. Also, process controls allow capture of process data for line analysis.

Original Press Release:

MEI's Compass Spin Rinse Dryer Reduces Nitrogen Use and Enables Host Communication

MEI Wet Processing introduces the Compass SRD, a Spin Rinse Dryer for Low and High Profile Cassettes

ALBANY, Ore. -- MEI, LLC has made a breakthrough in the design of a new spin rinse dryer (SRD)  for semiconductor processing that significantly reduces cost of operations by lowering Nitrogen (N(2 )) use. The proprietary design of the SRD enables rapid drying of semiconductor wafers with very low particle performance.

MEI's Compass SRD ships with MEI's IDX Flexware(TM) Process Control Software, enabling host communication and factory automation.  With recipe download and remote access, the Compass Spin Rinse Dryer increases ease of use and process control.  The advanced process controls in the Compass SRD also allow capture of process data for robust line analysis.

"By using the MEI Compass SRD, manufacturers will reduce their costs and increase yield while having more process control and information," said Ed Jean, Worldwide Sale Manager, MEI Wet Processing Systems. "With the Compass SRD we have introduced a wealth of features that improve process control, reduce particles, enable factory automation with host communication, and importantly, reduce operating costs, especially the use of nitrogen, which is a huge expense."

The MEI Compass SRD combines MEI's expertise in batch semiconductor processing and SECS GEM process control software. The result is less contamination, ease of maintenance, and a design specially to reduce operating costs. With the cost of Nitrogen rising, the Compass SRD can reduce operating costs considerably.

Another unique benefit of working with MEI is software expertise. IDX, the company's proprietary control software, mines process data from the Compass SRD. This allows engineers visibility into what is occurring in the chamber.

Price and availability

The Compass SRD is available for purchase immediately. For more information about obtaining Compass SRD processes, please contact MEI at (503) 568-9286 or email Ed Jean at ed.jean@meillc.com.


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