Speedline Technologies to Introduce New Options for Accela Printer at APEX 2006

FRANKLIN, Mass., Dec. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Speedline Technologies, Inc. will unveil several new options for its revolutionary MPM Accela printing system as well as an upgrade of its popular MPM UltraPrint 2000 printer at APEX 2006.

Speedline will also showcase a variety of its best-in-class MPM printing, Camalot dispensing, and Electrovert soldering and cleaning solutions at its booth, #1207, throughout the trade exhibition, February 8-10, 2006, in Anaheim, Calif.

For its innovative, parallel processing MPM Accela printing system -- designed for manufacturers requiring high volume throughput with high yield performance -- Speedline plans to introduce:

* A new High Speed Inspection option capable of performing full 2D
inspection of either or both the substrate and the stencil at line
speed. Built off the patented texture based algorithms and conventional
2D methods, the option will quantify the inspection results and report
them to SPC for process control and decision making.
* A new option for process setup verification and traceability utilizing
bar code reading capability and enhancements in the machine software --
sought by manufacturers in numerous market segments. With the option,
Speedline will be able to demonstrate this method of data management
down to the board (within the panel) level in the printer.
* A new option for closed loop control of the printer using external
inspection information.

The new options will build upon the Accela printer's formidable capability and revolutionary design to support and achieve the quality requirements of high volume manufacturers.

In addition, Speedline will host on-going demonstrations of its:
* VectraElite wave soldering system delivering unmatched performance for
both lead and lead-free alloys. Advanced technologies on display will
include UltraFill nozzles, an upper High Velocity Convection (HVC)
preheat module, and new ServoJet spray fluxer.
* XyflexPro(R)+ Dispensing System, featuring advanced technology that is
redefining the boundaries of dispensing equipment capability by
delivering an increased speed rating of more than 30% and twice the
accuracy of other dispensing systems.
* Introduction of the XyflexPro+SMT, a dedicated platform specifically
targeted at SMT dot applications and superceding the Gemini II platform.
The XyflexPro+SMT delivers increased cycle time and performance at a
price comparable to the Gemini II. This offers the end user a lower cost
per dot and a further value incentive.
* Electrovert OmniExcel 7 Reflow Oven, which consumes up to 50% less power
and up to 35% less nitrogen than conventional designs and incorporates
Speedline's patented, self-cleaning Flux Extraction System(TM) (FES)
that dramatically reduces maintenance requirements. Speedline will
also be introducing its new bar code option that provides product
traceability along with recipe verification.

For more information, visit Speedline Technologies at APEX 2006 in booth #1207, or contact your Speedline distributor or representative. Reach Speedline Technologies directly at 1-508-520-0083 or www.speedlinetech.com/.

About Speedline Technologies

Speedline Technologies is the global leader in process knowledge and expertise for the PCB assembly and semiconductor industries. Based in Franklin, Massachusetts, U.S.A., the company markets five best-in-class brands -- Accel microelectronics cleaning equipment; Camalot dispensing systems; Electrovert wave soldering, reflow soldering, and cleaning equipment; MPM stencil and screen printing systems; and Protect global services, support, and training solutions. Speedline Technologies is Frost & Sullivan's "2005 Surface Mount Technology Company of the Year." For more information, visit: www.speedlinetech.com/ or contact Speedline at:

* USA: Speedline Technologies, 16 Forge Park, Franklin, MA 02038 USA, Tel:
1-508-520-0083, Fax: 1-508-520-2288, E-mail: info@speedlinetech.com;
* Europe: Speedline Technologies GmbH, Im Gefierth 14, 63303 Dreieich,
Germany, Tel: +49 (0)6103/832-0, Fax: +49(0)6103/832-299, E-mail:
* Asia: Speedline Technologies Asia Pte Ltd, 150 Kampong Ampat, #05-08 KA
Centre, Singapore 368324, Tel: 65-6286-6635, Fax: 65-6289-9411, E-mail:

Source: Speedline Technologies, Inc.

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