Speedline Technologies Announces New Chemical Isolation Option for Its Popular ACCEL MicroCel S2 Centrifugal Cleaning System

FRANKLIN, Mass., Aug. 3 / - Speedline Technologies today announced the availability of a new chemical isolation option for the ACCEL MicroCel S2 centrifugal cleaning system. This platform enhancement improves existing zero-discharge systems and extends the life of mixed-bed deionizing resins.

The MicroCel S2 open programming platform and superior interface make this chemical isolation option a simple process to setup, aided by Speedline's pre-configured software. As the MicroCel S2 system can be configured as a complete on-board, internal closed-loop recycle system, this new option can mean much lower operating costs for many manufacturers.

Dirk Ellis, Product Manager for Cleaning Systems at Speedline Technologies, said "This new chemical isolation option will help minimize the amount of residual chemistry carried from the process chamber to the rinse vessel. The system can then reprocess the used rinse water through the internal closed-loop recycle system without contaminating the mixed bed deionizing resins, then recharge the rinse water to its previous deionized state."

Mr. Ellis explained that, with the shift in the semiconductor and high-reliability SMT cleaning industries away from semi-aqueous terpenes to other semi-aqueous and aqueous cleaning chemistries, the economic advantage of the zero-discharge option has diminished. Speedline believes this chemical isolation option can return real value to zero-discharge operations seeking lower operating costs.

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