Speedline and Cogiscan Introduce New Traceability Solution at APEX

BROMONT, CANADA - Speedline Technologies and Cogiscan will introduce the first product resulting from their recent collaboration. The new software based on Cogiscan TTC technology can harvest and report traceability data from Speedline printers. This product will be sold and supported by Speedline under an OEM reselling agreement with Cogiscan. It will be shown in the Speedline booth #2215.

Since the new product is based on the standard Cogiscan TTC software, it will be easy for Speedline customers to expand the basic traceability package to other operations and to integrate this solution with existing enterprise systems such as ERP and MES.

Mark Clemons from Speedline commented, "We are confident that our customers will greatly benefit from this collaboration. Cogiscan is clearly the leader in traceability in our industry. Their software is robust and reliable and their modular approach means that our customers can easily expand from a machine-level solution to a factory-wide system. This provides more value than any solution we could develop internally."

For more information, visit www.speedlinetech.com or www.cogiscan.com.

About Speedline Technologies:

Speedline Technologies is the global leader in process knowledge, services and manufacture of capital equipment used in the printed circuit board assembly and semiconductor industries.  Based in Franklin, Massachusetts, USA, the company markets five best-in-class brands:  MPM stencil and screen printing systems; Camalot dispensing systems; Electrovert wave soldering, reflow soldering and cleaning equipment; and Accel microelectronics cleaning systems. For more information, visit www.speedlinetech.com.

About Cogiscan Inc.:

Cogiscan partners with leading equipment manufacturers and electronics assemblers to create solutions that can integrate with existing systems to provide factory-wide TTC solutions. The company is committed to the development and continuous improvement of solutions to Track, Trace and Control materials and tools on and off the shop floor. For more information, visit www.cogiscan.com.

For more information contact Cogiscan at +1 450-534-2644, or e-mail info@cogiscan.com.


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