Speed Setups with Trumpf® Style Press Brake Tooling Solutions.

Faster tool changes are key to improving your press brake efficiency. Wilson Tool offers a number of versatile solutions for your Trumpf® style press brake designed to help you speed setups, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

WT Style Precision(TM) Tooling
Our WT Style Precision press brake tooling is both extremely durable and efficient. Our innovative push button click-in feature allows you to load and unload tools instantly, eliminating the need for special clamps, holders or dedicated upper beams and significantly reducing costly downtime.

Push button tool changes means all tools can be loaded by a single operator.
Precision ground (+/- .0004"/.01 mm on all critical dimensions) for consistent results.
Every tool is treated with our Nitrex(TM) high endurance surface enhancement for longer tool life.
All punches can be vertically loaded.

ExpressRail® Clamping Systems
Our new ExpressRail(TM) hydraulic clamping system for WT Style Precision(TM) press brake tooling eliminates the number of steps needed for tooling setups and changeovers. One touch of the wireless pendant control activates the clamps to quickly and accurately clamp and seat tooling along the full length of the beam.

Simple, wireless control lets you clamp and seat tooling in seconds.
Low-profile design increases bending capacity by offering more open height.
Each clamping system is treated with our Nitrex(TM) high endurance surface enhancement for extended clamp life.
Most dependable hydraulic power unit on the market.

Improve Productivity with New Trumpf® 2-4-1 Upgrade
We have enhanced our Wilson 2-4-1 tooling system to further improve productivity for operators using Trumpf® style punch presses. Each upgrade is designed to make using this innovative tooling easier than ever.

Push-on Urethane Stripper: These new urethane strippers offer positive stripping, minimal sheet marking and less noise than conventional strippers.
Magnetic ID Pad: Our unique magnetic ID pads enable you to quickly and easily identify your punches.
Draw Bolt Retaining Ring: To keep the draw bolt from sliding out of the Wilson 2-4-1 holder, we have added a retaining ring that locks the bolt and washer in place.
Premium Tool Steel Now Standard: Every Wilson 2-4-1 punch is built with our exclusive Ultima® premium tool steel.

Contact your Wilson Tool sales engineer for more information, or download product information here.

Trumpf® Style Special Tooling Designed for Your Application
No matter how unique your tooling needs, Wilson Tool can design and manufacture durable, performance-driven Trumpf® style tooling solutions for even the most challenging application.

Our highly skilled engineers and toolmakers combine unmatched experience with sophisticated, specialized manufacturing systems to produce innovative products that meet the challenges of our customers' most demanding applications. Many of these custom requests help us advance tooling technology and the products are added to our special tooling catalog.

For instance our Opti-Bend(TM) tooling allows sheet metal fabricators to perform simple, 90-degree bends on Trumpf-style punch presses.

The Wilson Wheel Rolling Shear(TM) makes it possible to create straight line cuts or contours from anywhere on the sheet.

And the Wilson Wheel Rolling Flare(TM) enables production of large diameter flares, even larger than station size normally allows, as well as other shapes. Each Rolling Flare is designed to suit specific customer requirements.

Every special Trumpf-style tooling is developed and tested in-house on our own Trumpf punch press. Like all Wilson Tool products, our special tooling is produced from high quality proprietary grade tool steels that feature custom elements designed to enhance tool life and performance. We thoroughly inspect each special tool we produce and include a sample that was produced during this testing process with each special tool that is shipped.

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