Speed Sensor measures turning speeds from a distance.

Press Release Summary:

SpeedVue Model 430 uses Class III laser in conjunction with signal processing to measures shaft rpms on highly polished shafts from up to 100 ft away. Signal-processing algorithm required is built into Model 2120A portable RBMconsultant data collector/analyzer. Sensor can be used to measure turning speeds of pulleys, as well as linear speeds of felts on paper machines.

Original Press Release:

Emerson Introduces Unique Laser-Based RPM Detection Technology for Condition Monitoring of Plant's Rotating Equipment

CSI Division's Model 430 Laser Speed Sensor nails turning speeds from a distance.

KNOXVILLE, TN, November 12, 2001-A new laser-equipped sensor measures turning speeds of rotating equipment with exceptional accuracy, even where there are no special shaft markings. Made
by Computational Systems, Inc. (CSI), the mechanical equipment condition monitoring specialists of Emerson Process Management, the SpeedVue(TM) Model 430 Laser Speed Sensor employs new
technology for measuring shaft revolutions even on highly polished shafts. Using a Class III laser in conjunction with advanced signal processing, it captures RPMs from up to 100 feet away.

The signal-processing algorithm required for SpeedVue(TM) is built into CSI's Model 2120A portable RBMconsultant(TM) data collector/analyzer. When a user connects the SpeedVue(TM) Laser
Speed Sensor to an auxiliary input on the analyzer and shines the laser beam on an exposed area of the rotor, the machine turning speed is automatically displayed on the data analyzer. Accurate machine speed is the most critical piece of information needed for vibration analysis in determining machine condition.

"SpeedVue(TM) performs in situations that other devices can't even begin to touch," according to CSI product manager Robert Skeirik. "We've been able to measure the turning speed of a polished metal shaft with no reflective tape. In most cases, there is no need for any type of shaft marking. When using SpeedVue on shafts that already have reflective tape on them, accurate measurements can be taken from more than 100 feet away!"

SpeedVue(TM) offers a promising new means of measuring turning speeds of pulleys, as well as linear speeds of felts on paper machines Skeirik said.

The solutions from CSI are key elements of Emerson's PlantWeb® automation architecture an Asset Optimization offering of Emerson Process Management. PlantWeb automates the flow of
information on asset reliability and performance to the people who run the business. To help users apply and use the information, Emerson's Asset Optimization offering combines world-class services with the innovative products to significantly improve process plant reliability. The results include improved process availability, increased productivity, and reduced equipment cost-of-ownership.

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