Speed Controls survive in harsh environments.

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Fully encapsulated to meet IP65 standards, MMP 25 A Series Electronic Controls are designed for battery-powered applications that require adjustable output voltage. Measuring 1 x 2 x 4 in., they provide 25 A continuous current at 12, 24, or 48 Vdc, delivering up to 600 W of continuous output power. Units can deliver up to 40 A of peak current for peak output power capacity of 960 W and are provided with 7 quick-connect terminals for connecting to power, motor leads, and potentiometer.

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Electronic Controls for Hydrogen Generator/Fuel Cell Applications

Fully Sealed, "POTTED" Speed Controls built to survive in harsh environments.

Midwest Motion Products Company is pleased to announce the application of our "MMP 25A
Series Electronic Controls in "Hydrogen Generator" Equipment. Available in 12V, 24Vand 48V Models, this unique Modular design is a solid state PWM switching device which is ideal for all battery-powered applications that require adjustable output Voltages, while switching at 22 KHz. Able to deliver 25 Amps continuous current at 12, 24 or 48VDC, this compact (1 x 2 x 4") control delivers up to 600 watts of continuous output power. Now, with the latest design enhancement, this device is capable of delivering up to 40 Amps of PEAK (momentary) current, for a PEAK output power capacity of 960 Watts.

The design is fully encapsulated (potted) enabling it to meet the "IP-65" standard rating for resistance to the elements and harsh environments. The outer casing is brushed aluminum, and two 6.35mm diameter thru-holes are provided for easy mounting to any flat (heatsinking) surface. A set of 7 "Quick Connect" terminals is provided for connecting to power, motor leads, and a potentiometer, one of which is provided with each unit. This design is also capable of accepting a 5-0 VDC Analog Command Signal.

The MMP25A Series has been designed for successful operation in numerous applications that include Fuel Cell/Hydrogen Generators, Agricultural, Sign Motion, Pop-up Training Targets, Power Winches, robotics, portable instruments, Air moving devices, Automated Guided Vehicles, Ventilators, Compressors, Pumps, Conveyors, RV/Trailer Range Hoods, Food Processing, Automotive & Transportation Industry, Chemical Feeders, Pumps, Gear Motors, Wire Feeders, Photo Processing, Paper Processing, Hose & Cable take-up Reels, and Vibratory Feeders.

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