Spectrum Digital Services, LLC Makes It Simple for Photo Processing Stores to Brand Their Services

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 24 - Spectrum Digital Services, LLC has been in the business of printing custom-designed, screen-printed CDs and DVDs for eight years. PMA 2006 is giving them an opportunity to launch a new line of stock discs that retailers can easily customize.

These discs are professionally designed and will easily accommodate a retailer's logo. A selection of 12 designs are available and give any retailer the opportunity to have a professional image, including their logo, without the time and expense of creating their own art.

"Our customers and manufacturers' representatives from around the country asked for a product that could help them brand their services and keep them competitive with other retailers," said Russell S. Gnant, Spectrum's CEO. "We responded quickly and developed a high-quality product that fits their needs."

In addition to offering stock discs, Spectrum has a full-service art department that can help retailers create their own custom design and can easily print any custom-designed disc for their customers.

"PMA 2006 is the logical venue to introduce this product," said Gnant. "Digital photography has all but replaced film photography and retailers have had to convert their processing systems quickly. Smaller retailers don't have the same resources the larger stores have but still need to provide their customers with a competitive product. The Photo Marketing Association has been consistent in their efforts to provide growth opportunities for all sizes of retail stores. We are proud to participate in this show and be a part of this effort."

Spectrum is working through various channels to offer this product to photo processing centers nationwide.

About Spectrum Digital Services, LLC

Spectrum is the nation's leading screenprinter of recordable compact discs. Opened in 1998 as North America's first facility dedicated to recordable disc printing, Spectrum has printed discs for many of the nation's largest companies. In 1999 Spectrum introduced the concept of the preprinted CD-R with its large catalog of preprinted discs available at www.cdrstore.com/. With the introduction of Spincards(TM), Spectrum continues to lead the industry with innovative applications of recordable disc technology.

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