Spectroscopy System provides 2.5% energy resolution.

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Multi-channel, scintillator-based Model 2100LA includes LaBr3 detector, electronics, and nuclear analysis software, which provides user with complete control of data acquisition, spectral analysis, and data reporting. Powered from standard mains or external 12 Vdc source, system is useful as both bench top and field capable instrument. Applications include nuclear materials assay, waste processing, conveyor systems, and general research and teaching.

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Spectroscopy System with 2.5% Energy Resolution at Room Temperature

March 7, 2007

Princeton, NJ, (March 7, 2007) - Princeton Gamma-Tech (PGT) announces the release of its new Model 2100LA. This system pairs state of the art detector materials with proven multi-channel analyzer designs.

The Model 2100LA is a scintillator based spectroscopy system with a LaBr3 detector, electronics and software. The nuclear analysis software provides the user with complete control of data acquisition, spectral analysis and data reporting. The 2100LA has a small footprint and can be powered from standard mains or from an external 12 volt DC source, making the 2100LA useful as both a bench top and a field capable instrument.

"The new Lanthanum Bromide detectors offer a considerable advantage over conventional room temperature detectors," stated Rich Varall, PGT Sales Manager. "Many applications make cooling difficult, so our customers find this system is a handy alternative to High-Purity Germanium."

MCA2100LA is a complete system that combines the features of high resolution spectroscopy made possible by a Lathanum Bromide detector with the versatile software and pulse processing electronics that PGT is well known for. Applications range from nuclear materials assay, fix installations or conveyor systems, waste processing, general research and teaching; all are enhanced with the Model 2100LA.

Applications requiring room temperature gamma-ray detectors with significantly improved energy resolution over standard scintillators would benefit from use of the new PGT Model 2100LA.

About PGT:
Princeton Gamma-Tech Instruments is a leading supplier of X-ray detectors and gamma-ray spectroscopy systems, with a long history of innovation in the field. PGT manufactures Si(Li) HPGe and Silicon Drift X-ray detectors, HPGe and Scintillator detectors for gamma analysis. To complement our detector technology, PGT offers a full line of spectroscopy electronics, MCAs and software.

Technical Contact:
Rich Varall, Princeton Gamma-Tech
(609)924-7310 ext. 306

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