Spectroscopy Engine turns portable instruments into NRI systems.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for homeland security and laboratory research applications, iGEM(TM) can convert any handheld instrument into high-resolution Nuclear Radiation Identification (NRI) system. It includes eV-CZT(TM) detector crystal, preamplifier/shaping amplifier ASIC, 12-bit ADC (MCA), and microprocessor. Consuming 150 mW and operating at room temperature, module employs non-hygroscopic sensor and is capable of entering sleep mode. It can be accommodated by various sensor platforms.

Original Press Release:

iGEM(TM) Sensor Module

Spectroscopy Engine for Portable Instruments

Now Available

The iGEM(TM) is a Portable eV-CZT(TM) Spectrometer "Engine" designed for handheld instruments for Homeland Security and Laboratory Research. The iGEM(TM) includes an eV-CZT(TM) detector crystal, Low Power ASIC (Preamp/Shaper), 12bit A/D (MCA) and a Microprocessor.

Ideal engine to put inside many different sensor platforms
Features (click for more details and 3D view)
  • eV-CZT(TM) Detector Crystal
  • Non-Hygroscopic Sensor
  • Room Temperature Operation
  • High Resolution Spectroscopy
  • Robust Package
  • Low Power (150mW)
  • Next Generation eV-ASIC(TM)
  • On-board 12 bit MCA
  • On-board Microprocessor
  • Sleep Mode Capable

  • Lab Spectroscopy Performance
  • Fast System Development
  • Lower Cost System Development
  • Reduced Risk

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  • Portable/Hand-Held Isotope ID
  • DHS - Customs, Police, Fire, Military, Coast Guard
  • DOE - Waste and Enrichment
  • All Topics